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“Dear PoPville,

What is my recourse here? I travel with Uber taxi 2-3 times a week from my home to my work (or vice versa). I know the average charge, and it is between 7-9 dollars base fare. However, several times in the past few months, I have noticed that the taxi driver has somehow “inflated” the base charge of my fare. I will glance at the payment screen and it will tell me my fare is X dollars, but then I leave and receive the receipt 30 seconds later with an additional 1-3 dollars added. I know that the screen considers any true extras when telling me the fare charge (it says “amount due”, so it is already a final amount), as I use taxi service (without Uber) quite a bit. I don’t travel with luggage or an extra passenger, so I cannot understand how any extra charge would be justified. And, it would show on the “amount due” screen before I exit the vehicle.

This morning, I again took an Uber. I glanced at the screen before exiting the vehicle and the charge was $8.09. When I received my receipt a minute later (will be sent by separate email to you – please block my identifying information if you publish it), my base fare was $10.09. I immediately emailed Uber to report this. Please see the absolutely ridiculous response below. I understand that Uber does not “control the fare set”. I am not addressing that; I am reporting a dishonest contractor. This is not the first time this has happened, and Uber’s response is always a brush off. If it has happened to me 3 times in the past 2 months or so, I have to believe this happens to other people, too.

Would the taxi cab commission address this problem? I know it seems quite petty for $2, but it has happened more than once. And I don’t relish the thought of a $14 cab ride (even if it is my fault that I am always late and need a cab!) to work.”

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