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Dacha’s Liquor license suspended through the 29th (expect a few more)

by Prince Of Petworth November 24, 2015 at 9:45 am 15 Comments


A reader reports:

“Dacha posted two signs stating that their liquor license has been suspended from November 23 to November 29. All the picnic tables have been removed.

I wonder whether it relates to Dacha’s recent troubles with ABRA, or maybe their new grocery store?

The notices themselves don’t explain the reason for the suspension besides boilerplate about noncompliance with Title 25 of DC Code or Title 23 of the Municipal Regulations, both of which deal with alcohol. And the ABRA Board website hasn’t yet posted any orders addressing this particular suspension. What do you think?”

The Washington Blade reports:

“The D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on Nov. 4 issued a $42,500 fine and a 21-day license suspension…The ABC Board was expected to allow Dacha to stagger its suspension period over multiple dates between now and next spring so that it won’t have to close continuously for 21 consecutive days.”


  • jaredd

    I was just there on Sunday and they had piles of pavers and new-looking tables up again the Liz Taylor wall. This is probably part of the agreed upon staggered suspension and Dacha is taking advantage of it to do some necessary upgrades.

  • TX2DC

    And the drama continues…

    • Anon

      “Drama..” heh, you gotta be either really, really bored or an immediate neighbor to see this as actual drama. Given your comment, I’m going to go with really, really bored.

      • TX2DC


  • Anon

    So we learn again that pissing off all the neighbors of your open air bar is not a good idea…

    • Nathan

      As it was noted they had a 21 day suspension that they could stagger. I think they already were closed for a day a week ago. I was there on Sunday and saw the new pavers and tables. Seems like they’re just taking advantage of a potentially slow week with the holiday to knock off some of the days of their suspension and do some upgrades.

    • DIYDC

      Actually what we learned is that it’s profitable to be terrible to your neighbors and flaunt DC’s liquor laws.
      The fine means nothing in terms of the profits they made by violating their capacity limits. Two of the weeks they are shut down are their low-season, and one is during a time they’ve never been open. On top of that, ABRA let Dacha out of their old settlement agreement and doubled their outdoor capacity.
      ABRA has set several precedents: 1)Settlement agreements will not be enforced, 2) The appropriateness standards in DC code are utterly meaningless and 3) flaunting DC’s liquor laws is profitable.

  • rob

    im not even in the neighborhood, but the few times I’ve been, this place was obnoxiously packed. not sure how people see this as a fun hang out.

    • Truxtoner

      There are plenty of times you can go there and it is not crowded. Saturdays at 2pm when it’s 65 – 75 degrees out is not, unsurprisingly, one of them.

      • jaredd

        For instance last Sunday at 5:00 p.m. when it was 40 degrees and windy………there were all of maybe 30 people there.

    • gonzo

      Expecting a myriad of cool spots to pop in this ville so that you don’t have to fight crowds is a tall order, considering overwhelming entry barriers for new small businesses. But don’t despair, Uptown – a place where all sorts of disturbances take place is not crowded at all….their liquor license to is ready to accommodate your discerning taste.

    • Reality

      You sound cranky and probably not the best company to be there anyway.

  • From the Shaw listserv:

    “· Dacha is required to pay $42,000 in fines w/in 30 days of the order (which was issued on 11/4/15)

    · Received a 40 day license suspension; 21 days served, 19 stayed on the condition that the “stayed” days shall go into effect if Dacha is found to have committed any future violations w/in 1 year of the order.

    · Days served are as follows:

    o Nov. 23-29th, 2015 (7 days)

    o March 1 -7, 2016 (7 days)

    o April 4 -10, 2016 (7 days)”

    The order can be found here: http://abra.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/abra/publication/attachments/DachaBeerGarden-1142015.pdf

    • eggs

      I’m surprised they didn’t choose all cold-weather dates. Seems like March and April will be when people will be starting to want to go outside again.

      • The OP Anon

        The dates probably had to coincide with days they would actually be “open,” per their community agreement. Technically, I think their business is officially closed during the winter months because that’s what they agreed upon with the community when they started the business. I think they officially close as of November 30 and re-open March 1. Makes sense to close earlier and re-open later.
        ABRA really got tough with Dacha. It’s actually really surprising, considering the shenanigans other bars in this city get away with. Someone pissed off at Dacha has actual clout (or is a lawyer with lots of free time).


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