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Buffalo Wild Wings opening in Navy Yard November 16th

by Prince Of Petworth November 9, 2015 at 4:05 pm 15 Comments

1220 Half Street, SE

A reader reports:

Buffalo Wild Wings‘ Navy Yard is opening November 16, but the construction is now gone and they are just training staff. Beyond Leo’s pizza and wings, it’s the only food option between the half street navy yard metro exit and our home, so we’re super excited. Big Stick is practically across the street, but it’ll be nice not to backtrack to get home. Doesn’t look like they will have space for outdoor seating though, which is a bummer.”

  • domrep

    First 50 people in line get free wings?

    • domrep

      Funny, I checked my mail last night and I got an ad for this place, first 100 people in line get free wings for a year. They will be handing out coupon books.

  • palisades

    I expect it to be packed to the brim every gameday, especially with the impending closure of the bullpen. Wonder how they’ll do up against the big stick and whatnot.

  • jes

    I’m pretty sure they actually DO have a permit for outdoor seating, though how that’ll play out once construction starts right next door on the Jair Lynch project, who knows.

  • Ryan

    “Big Stick is practically across the street, but it’ll be nice not to backtrack to get home.”
    The Big Stick isn’t practically across the street, it is literally across the street. Crossing the street is too far out of the way for these people?

    • Nicky

      The Bullpen is directly across the street. Big Stick is down the block.

  • vannessie

    Great, a big chain restaurant, how fascinating. You’re so much better walking an entire block and going to Bonchon!

    • JohnH

      A) How many TVs does Bonchon have? People aren’t flocking to Buffalo Wild Wings cause of the food.
      B) I like Bonchon, but it’s expensive. To get wings and fries is $16. It may actually be cheaper in Nats Park. Their lunch combo is fine – they need to extend those kind of combos for the rest of the day.

      • jenster8dc

        Bonchon has a bunch of TVs as well. I do wonder how BWW will affect their business.

    • MtP

      Bonchon is also a big chain restaurant

    • Dan

      Don’t forget Justin’s Cafe! Hottest wings in town. Great variety in their menu. Huge beer selection. Outdoor seating. Plenty of TVs.

      Will be at BWW the moment it opens.

  • MarkQ

    I find the food at this place nearly inedible, even the vaunted wings. But hopefully this will ease the game day crowds at other places. Like Gordon Biersh, I can’t imagine it’ll have much appeal on non-game days to the neighborhood folks.

  • Anonymous

    Navy Yard: doing its best at becoming Ballston.

    • Navy Yard Dude


      Shared a similar comment about the Navy Yard/ Ballston transformation last week on jdland. I see it too!

  • AnonAgain

    I”m pretty happy about this. I love Justin’s and want to try the Big Stick but never go (particularly during baseball season) because when I try it’s nearly impossible to get in. Hopefully this will pull some of the gameday crowds away from the smaller places so you can actually get in and enjoy them.
    As for BWW…not the greatest food, but it does really do its job when you want a place big enough to be able to get a seat, be sure that your game is on, and half-decent junk food.


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