• 14th Street

    I was biking up 11th street shortly after this happened. It looked and sounded pretty bad. The whole intersection was blocked off and I had to detour around to 10th.

  • Honest Abe

    Hope there were no serious injuries. But…. wow… three cars totaled and probably some visits to the emergency room… all to make it to the next red light quickly.

    • Anon Kat

      Dude was not concerned about red lights–he was blowing right through them.

  • Truxton Thomas

    I walked up a couple minutes after it happened, before the police got there. There was still someone trapped in the flipped truck. One of the drivers started going crazy and had to be restrained by the police. I think it was the driver of the truck after the cops pulled him out. Fortunately there were a lot of people who were helping, and police, fire, and EMT arrived quickly.

  • psoccer55

    Wow. Missed the accident but S between 10 and 11 is still closed.

  • anon

    I still don’t understand how this keeps happening.

    Before I moved to DC, I thought car flips were rare and mostly happened in movies.

    • crates

      in 2002, there were ~220,000 light duty vehicles involved in rollover crashes (~2.2% of all crashes), so perhaps not as rare as you thought.

    • phl2dc

      A car flipped right in front of my building a couple of months ago – no other cars were around at the time except for parked cars. I later noticed that a parked truck had a dent in the side, so I guess it hit it just right and flipped. Thankfully the driver and passenger were ok, but holy crap it was weird.

  • anon

    The driver of the pickup was trying to pass cars on S, driving aggressively/erratically and gunned it through the intersection. EMS pulled him out through the windshield and cuffed him to the gurney. He was totally unhinged, yelling, cursing, something about his and the police’s mother…PCP is a hell of a happy hour drug.

    • anononon

      Actually the dude JUMPED out of the pickup truck windshield himself after hitting his head so hard that the smashed a hole in the windshield.

    • Bitter Elitist hates Maryland drivers

      Sounds like head trauma more than PCP.

    • 7thStTechGuy

      THere were a bunch of Natty Ice cans on the ground…just saying.

    • Anon Kat

      The pickup truck passed the car stopped at the red light on S street (I was in the car) and gunned it through the intersection when he had a very red light. He jumped though the windshield and charged the cops after repeatedly hitting the windshield out with his head. My guess was PCP. It took 4 cops to bring him down.

  • Arf Arf

    The truck involved seemed to belong to a contractor/real estate company (the bed was loaded with signage for a real estate showing). My guess is that someone stole the vehicle as it was sitting idling, as the real estate agent was collecting signage around the neighborhood. He drove it like he stole it!

    • B’dale Res

      I remember a real estate employee collecting signs on my block once…the reason why I remember him so well is because he was openly pissing in my neighbors tree box. I tried to ignore it at first, but turned around and said “excuse me, are you urinating?”. He became irate, still pissing while trying to zip up his pants. Grabbed the sign from the house two door down, threw in his car and speed off. I got his license plate number, looked it up on line and he had half a dozen tickets totaling over $1k.

      So moral of the story is, those sign collector guys don’t always have it together. beware.

      Sucks for those involved in the crash because of some losers desire to run a red light. Hope they are recovering without delay.

      • 7thStTechGuy

        I mentioned in a post above- there were crushed Natty Ice Cans on the ground that were mixed in with the signs- me thinks sign collector guy may have gotten a DUI last night.

      • Anon

        Guys – give him a break. Sign collecting is one of the most stressful gigs out there, definitely not for the faint of heart.

  • Uskreet

    I tried to talk with the guy trapped in the truck he was not so friendly and I could smell booze through the hole in the windshield.

  • Anon

    Does anyone know if the younger man who was pulled out of the car that wasnt flipped is okay? They had him lying on the ground on the passenger side of his car. I was crossing S at the crosswalk and was almost hit by the driver who caused this as he blew through the light. Saw the whole thing happen, called 911, but have not been able to find any info on this crash or the injured man.


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