Washington, DC

via @DCPoliceTraffic

UPDATE: “ALL Roads are now OPEN in reference to 17th & C Street, SW in VA and DC including Bridges

Well this is odd. Or not really. Earlier today we noted the planned Coast Guard exercise taking place between noon and 2:30pm by the 14th Street Bridge. Apparently there is a suspicious package unrelated to the exercise (though I’m still not 100% convinced it’s a coincidence…I guess we’ll know if it reopens at 2:31pm) Anyway, thanks to a reader for passing on:

“This is a message from the House Sergeant at Arms.

MPD, VDOT and DDOT report that all lanes over 14th Street Bridge on I-395 are CLOSED (north and southbound). Expect significant delays in DC, City of Alexandria and in Arlington County on primary and secondary roadways accessing I-395 North and Southbound.

We understand this will likely impact Members who have flights scheduled at National Airport. We do not know at this time how long the bridge will be closed, and we appreciate your patience as this gets resolved.”


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