Another Disturbing Report Involving a Mother, Toddler and Teenagers “one grabbed what seemed to be a large rock and jumped up on the car and smashed it through my sun roof”

by Prince Of Petworth November 17, 2015 at 2:52 pm 52 Comments

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Ed. Note: Last week we learned of a mother with her three year old robbed at knife point at 12:30pm in Shaw.

From a Georgetown Listserv on Monday:

“I want to make everyone aware as I know there are many others with young children in the neighborhood. I took my young daughter to a music class this morning, near the intersection of Wisconsin and Q Street NW. At around 10:30am, I had just gotten her buckled back into her car seat when a group of what seemed to be teenagers started rushing up on me, trying to surround us and our SUV. We were parked around 33rd St NW and Wisconsin Ave, NW (close to the A Mano store and Gtwn library). I turned quickly as I saw three additional young men headed quickly towards us and was able to slam the door and lock the car, outmaneuvering them as I raced to the other side. By some miracle I was able to jump into the other side of the car, again locking it behind me and evade one of the teens as he tried to get into the car. As I tried to get out of the parking spot and get away from them, one grabbed what seemed to be a large rock and jumped up on the car and smashed it through my sun roof. Luckily, the cover on the inside of the roof was still closed and none of the glass rained down on us as it would have otherwise.

I blared on the horn and they all ran off and I was able to get away with my daughter, to safety.

For those of you that have young children and must buckle them into car seats, please be extra careful and check your surroundings as you do this. I was digging around in the diaper bag looking for snacks when this happened to me, and I’ll never make that mistake again.”

Confirmed by MPD:

“The incident was reported to MPD. MPD prepared an offense report for Destruction of Property. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

  • mary lynn

    HOW AWFUL. why are young kids today so terrible? :-(

    • aaaa

      lol “young kids”

    • moops

      You do realize that “kids these days” almost surely commit less crime than kids in your day, right?

  • Anom

    “Destruction of Property.” Case closed, boys!

  • markus

    “Destruction of Property?” BS. Because tagging someones garage is the same as a mob violently attacking a mother and child. Wake up MPD, stop padding the stats to look like crime is down.

    Glad the OP Is safe. Disturbing situation.

    • west_egg

      Absolutely right. I’d like to hear from city leaders on why such a disturbing and violent attack should be classified as “destruction of property.” (Incidentally this is also part of the reason why it took so long to get a stop sign at Kansas & Quincy — collisions without injury are simply “destruction of property.” BS all around.)

  • houseintherear

    omg- MPD only made report of this as Destruction of Property?!! That is ridiculous!

  • momoftwo

    That is absolutely terrifying. I’m so sorry that happened to you and your kiddo. Stories like these make me want to never leave the house :(

  • KP

    Destruction of Property?!?! That was the same report I filed when I came out to my car one morning and realized the windshield had been smashed. Annoying, but not nearly as traumatic as fending off a group of attackers WHILE YOU ARE IN THE CAR.

    WTF MPD.

  • derpderp

    This is insane. What would they have done if they got into the car?? This city needs a serious wake up call… if these kids continue to be unpunished for this kind of behavior it’ll only get worse from here.

  • Zora

    In what universe is this appropriately characterized as mere “destruction of property”? The actions of the assailants absolutely suggest offenses more serious than that. They certainly satisfy the common law definition of “assault.” What a travesty.

  • AG

    These aren’t kids, they’re animals. Whenever I hear about cases like this I feel like finding them, sitting them down and telling them they are disgusting, cowardly pieces of crap who are unworthy of anything good and then finding their parents, sitting them down, and asking them how they feel that they have birthed animals not worthy of the term human being.

    • Anon

      Probably won’t have any effect since their parents are likely also cowardly pieces of crap who are unworthy of anything good…. I wonder why this type of crap doesn’t happen in VA….MPD writeup is laughable

      • Caleb

        It’s naive to assume similar crimes of terrorism don’t happen one mile across a bridge.

    • 7thStTechGuy

      Yes- those parents probably think its Law Enforcement’s job to do that, and then wonder why their 35yr old son with 6 kids cant find a job.

    • Newtonian

      It’s sad when ISIS threatens to attack DC and you’re more terrified of the District’s unruly youth than Islamic extremists.

      • Jk

        I hope this was ironic.

  • me

    You showed incredible self restraint. I would have run over those f****!

    • shaw

      You and me both! You attack my car with my child in it and I’m ramming you without thinking twice about it and then leaving you there while I get away to a safe place to call the police!

      • Marty

        not sure if my reply didn’t post, or i’m getting moderated, but i agree wholeheartedly!

    • PDinDC

      Uh, yeah. I was feeling bad that that was also my first thought until I read your post. Maybe I’d have managed to somehow exercise restraint, but if you come after my kid all bets are off. Glad you and your child are OK, sad MPD did not Serve and Protect. Maybe the perps were later tracked down and challenged to a “dance off”.

    • U Streeter

      Yeah, then their degenerate parents would sue you for hurting their sweet babies. “He was such a good boy!”

  • I am really glad you and your child were not seriously physically hurt. I’m not a person who condones violence, but stories like these bring out a lot of anger, and make me wish you could have run over a few of these punks.

    • Accountering

      In cases like this, those little punks certainly deserved getting hit by a car.

  • Zora

    In case it wasn’t already obvious to everyone: Classifying this incident as “destruction of property” is exactly how crime statistics are kept down. It’s absolutely an intentional misrepresentation.

    • Accountering

      Agree – this is a joke. This is not destruction of property, it is assault at a minimum.

  • anon

    This reminded me that I saw a woman, man and their young child talking to police outside of the Shaw library mid morning on Saturday. There were about 3 or 4 police cars there and I saw the father walk the child away from the police so the woman could speak to the cops. I was hoping that they weren’t victims of crime of some sort, but given the location (where it seems like a lot of crime has been happening lately) and the way the woman was talking, I think I was wrong. Anyone know what was going on?

  • anon

    Navy blue shirts/khaki pants? If yes then contact Hardy MS principal and describe the incident. Hardy is about a block north from that location and maybe principal got other reports of bad behavior. You could even ask the nearby businesses as they probably have to deal with this more frequently than you and they may have suggestions

    • MRD

      She said “a group of what seemed to be teenagers.” Doesn’t mean that they WERE teenagers. And I think that uniforms would be a very memorable detail.

      • anon

        Not exactly an area of unrest and as I mentioned very close to Hardy. Middle school would meet that description, especially in DC where many kids are older than grade level and too young to drop out entirely

  • Danielle

    10:30 am in Georgetown? These had to be Hardy MS kids right? There is no other reason for a pack of kids to be in Georgetown at that time. I would head over there if you have any descriptions and confront the principal.

    • bll

      duke ellington school of the arts also has a campus on r street…not too far away from Wisconsin and dent.

      • ZetteZelle

        I think that Duke Ellington school is currently meeting near 10th & U while their Georgetown campus is being renovated. I also think that the Hardy designation was based on specific knowledge of what Hardy uniforms look like.

        • bll

          ah, thanks. I haven’t lived in glover park in about 2.5 years so I didn’t realize that the school was being renovated.

      • Ed

        Hard to think Ellington kids would be behind this it’s a selective school. Can’t see the kids doing anything this violent

        • anon

          actually, it’s even surprising for Hardy, but it’s just too damn close to think it’s another school. Not like there’s a charter in these parts either.

          • MRD

            Actually, it would be VERY surprising if these were Hardy students. I guess what’s not so surprising is the assumption that the assailants must be from one of these two schools. Given the time of occurrence, I think it’s safe to say that they’re not students at any school.

  • dcd

    I’m sure they were just protesting gentrification.

  • anonymous

    Wow. Just wow. MPD’s “destruction of property” characterization is both alarming and outrageously ridiculous. If I had a bunch of these people pacing around my car, jumping on my car, and throwing things through the window (with a baby present!!), I’d classify that as assault. It’s downright otherworldly- makes me long for small town life in Iowa. So glad the mother and child were not physically hurt.

  • textdoc

    Whoa — that’s really scary. Thank God the OP had the presence of mind to quickly get in the car and lock it.
    And like other commenters, I think it’s shameful that MPD is classifying this as just “destruction of property.”

  • Brooklander

    I’ve lived in the city for 20 years, and crime has always been a concern. What is different, however, is the mob violence. Throughout the city, there are weekly reports of large groups of teens and young adults intimidating, assaulting, and robbing people. Several of the incidents have been hate crimes targeting LGBT individuals, and I suspect that racial hate may be a factor in several other incidents.

    • Anonymous

      My other comment did not make the cut not sure why. I lived here 20 years I have seen mobs / packs jump other kids several times over the years all the way back to 1995, so its not new to me. When I got here packs of kids were robbing people for the $400 Eddie Bauer coats that were popular in early 90’s. There are now more forums to discuss these acts, there is video and new pool of victims and fewer drug related shootings to steal all the headlines.

    • moops

      This is revisionist history. We were scared breathless in the 80s about “wilding.” Remember that?

  • JL

    Can’t we drop these kids into ISIS territory and be done with it?

    • Zora

      Aren’t there already reports that one of the Paris terrorists was an unemployed asshole who spent his time doing drugs and generally being unproductive? Maybe these groups have more in common than some of us thought.

  • james

    Those of you attacking MPD may be correct — Classifying it as destruction of property and not assault may have not been appropriate — but there may be another side to the story, or there might be more information that led MPD to classify it the way they did. It’s also possible that the officer taking the report made a mistake, and wasn’t actually thinking about padding stats, because frankly a patrol officer doesn’t care about stats. Or another possibility is that the initial report was for destruction of property, but another offense was added to the report later, such as assault or ADW.

    • Jk

      In the last months I have seen several assaults and gun violence being classified as destruction of property including a bullet in a slide at a park. BS

  • DCDuchess

    Absolutely disgusting that MPD thinks this is merely destruction of property? Not assault or attempted assault? When the police don’t even help citizens out in Georgetown, god help the rest of us.

  • Wtf

    You need to report this to the Hardy Principal in case it was kids from there. Eighth graders can look like teenagers, esp if they are a grade or two behind. This is incredibly F’d up. I am so sorry this happens to you and that you feel like you can look around in your bag for a moment.

  • Bloom

    Serious question–this is really scary and I too have had someone try to get into my car as I buckle my kids. When I am out and about I have to put my stroller in the trunk, get my kids buckled (if they cooperate), and get myself in. How should I navigate this if incidents like this are becoming more of a norm? And in broad daylight In a relatively “safe” neighborhood?

  • ChenChen

    man that sounds like a scene from a scary movie. When I read it, it makes me so mad and wish I had been there to retaliate but in real life, i probably would have been too scared/shocked to even have the presence of mind to get in the car to lock the door.

    Glad she reacted so quickly.

  • anon

    That’s how they classified the 7 July shooting at a crowded children’s playground in Columbia Heights. No one got shot (THANK GOD) but the destruction of property hides the true horror of what happened and only the people who were there know how bad it was and then try to put pressure on the police to take action.


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