Washington, DC

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Below, please find a statement from Kevin Donahue, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice:

“The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is conducting a review of Monday’s unfortunate incident to ensure that all procedures were followed. Additionally, Mr. Goolsby and Mr. Brown can choose to file a complaint, which will result in an independent review. Mayor Bowser is committed to a fair and thorough review of Monday’s incident.

Since coming into office, Mayor Bowser has championed policies that improve police-community relations. In addition to undertaking community engagement on policing like the #IwishUknew youth forum, the Mayor provided funding so that all 2,800 officers who regularly interact with the public will be equipped with a body camera. If the officers involved here had been wearing body cameras, a recording of the entire incident – from the moment the call came in, to the end of the incident – would be available to those involved, and ultimately to the public. The program has not moved forward because the Council has not finalized rules. The Administration urges Council to pass rules so cameras can be deployed as soon as possible.”

WJLA reported earlier today:

“In a news conference Thursday afternoon, Peter Grenier, the lawyer for Jason Goolsby, a UDC student who was chased and handcuffed by D.C. police, said if his client were white the whole incident would have never happened. He said lawyers are looking into civil rights violations under the Constitution.

A video of the incident shows a young man on the ground screaming as police are pinning him to the ground and jerking his hands behind him as they handcuff him. The incident took place Monday, Oct. 12 on Capitol Hill.”


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