Washington, DC


Emergency No Parking restrictions?

“Can anyone tell me what the rules are re: where you can park in relation to Emergency No Parking signs? I’ve been trying to find this online and inexplicably can’t find the answer on any DC govt websites.

I imagine the rule is that you can’t park in between the signs, which is why they give you a whole bunch to post, and which makes sense. I got a $50 ticket on Tuesday for parking about 8 feet away from the 3rd of 3 signs; there was a construction dumpster solidly in between those signs, which is what the permit was for. The ticket says “Signs Posted; Signs Clearly Posted” …. yes – 8 feet away. Someone else parked there within minutes of my leaving the space, too.

Just hoping someone can help me clarify whether I’m in the wrong here or whether there’s a rule I can cite in contesting the ticket!”

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