Washington, DC


From DPR:

“Today the Bowser Administration announced that due to the expected high temperatures for the remainder of the week, the District’s Department of Parks and Recreation will keep the District Spray Parks open for an additional week. Spray Parks were scheduled to close today, September 7th at 7:00 PM. According to the National Weather Service, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will bring high temperatures and high humidity.

The following spray parks will extend hours of operation until Sunday, September 13th at 7pm.

Ward 1:
14th & Girard Street Spray Park (14th and Girard St., NW) 1
4th & Park Road Spray Park (14th St. and Park Rd., NW)
Columbia Heights Spray Park (1480 Girard St., NW)
Harrison Spray Park (1330 V St., NW)
Westminster Spray Park (911 Westminster St., NW)

Ward 2:
Stead Rec. Ctr. Spray Park (1625 P St., NW)

Ward 3:
Chevy Chase Rec. Ctr. Spray Park (5500 41st St., NW)
Friendship Spray Park (4500 Van Ness St., NW)
Macomb Spray Park (3409 Macomb St., NW)
Palisades Spray Park (5200 Sherier Pl., NW)
Guy Mason Rec. Ctr. Spray Park (3600 Calvert St., NW)

Ward 4:
FortStevens Spray Park (1327 Van Buren St., NW)
Lafayette Spray Park (5900 33rd St., NW)
Petworth Spray Park (801 Taylor St., NW)
Riggs LaSalle Spray Park (501 Riggs Rd., NE)
Takoma Spray Park (300 Van Buren St., NW)

Ward 5:
Joseph H. Cole Spray Park (1299 Neal St., NE)
Turkey Thicket Spray Park (1100 Michigan Ave., NW)

Ward 6:
Kennedy Spray Park (1401 7th St., NW)
King Greenleaf Rec. Ctr. Spray Park (201 N St., SW)

Ward 7:
FortDavis Spray Park (1400 41st St., SE)
Hillcrest Spray Park (3100 Denver St., NW)
Marvin Gaye Rec. Ctr. Spray Parks (6201 Banks St., NE)

Ward 8:
Fort Greble Spray Park (ML King Jr. Ave. & Elmira St., SW)

Please note that all outdoor pools will continue to observe their regularly scheduled closure day and time.”


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