“you can see real estate projects by ward and status, maps and timelines for construction”

by Prince Of Petworth August 11, 2015 at 10:15 am 24 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Pablo Raw

From a press release:

“The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) is excited to announce the launch of theirDMPED Real Estate Projects Pipeline, a new website tool to provide neighborhoods and residents with real time updates on the status of real estate projects in the District of Columbia.

In the pipeline, you can see real estate projects by ward and status, maps and timelines for construction. As the pipeline grows, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. DMPED is committed to the Bowser Administration pledge for more transparency and open data. You can also view more information on DMPED Real Estate Projects on our website here.”

  • GBinCH

    Seem pretty cool, although each individual record only contains basic information. I’d love to know more about some of these projects without having to click around to different development websites. I.e. are residential developments condos or apartment buildings, how many units, etc. Also, there’s a category for designating the sqft assigned to Institutional/Municipal use but no additional details on what that is (in one case, following the link to the developer site tells me its a fire station).
    I guess I’m just being lazy and wanting everything in one place, but does anyone know if they plan to add more searchable fields to this database?

    • Caroline

      It would be cool if it showed things like how much residential is being added to a ward.

  • petworther

    Awesome. A place I can get angry about all the things the mayor is screwing up at once.
    Highlights? Probably the Park Morton redevelopment currently scheduled for Q1 2018. 2018!!!! We have to wait at least four more years for that section of GA Ave to be less druggy/stabby. Thanks Muriel!!

    • GBinCH

      How much of the timelines are really driven by the Mayor’s office/DC Government though? I’ve always assumed that designing, planning and financing developments contributed a lot to the long lead times on some major builds.

      • Eponymous

        They are responsible for how the process works (how much ANCs or a handful of crazies can disrupt a development, whether the Zoning Commission has the resources and authority to move things quickly, etc.)
        Of course, that’s not the only thing that matters, especially when you throw the federal government into the mix. See Walter Reed, for example, which has now had a wrench thrown into it because of a land grab by Children’s National Medical Center, a private organization which managed to get a provision slipped into a federal spending bill giving it State Department land FOR FREE. Now the whole development is stalled while everyone dukes it out over who gets which (very valuable) scrap of the site.

    • Keefer

      Also nothing about all the property Zuckerman Partner’s is holding onto in that same area of Georgia Ave. I will be happy when Union Drinker and the Smoke + Fry fast casual come in, but those building were part of a PUD, what is going on with that, doesn’t putting the restaurants and bar in mean that that project is as far off as Park-Morton, or the endless delay of the Post Office redevelopment, or the former Murray’s site. I think the most amusing thing in the neighborhood right know is the lease sign in the window of mothership with the bullet hole in the window right next to it, really trying hard to get that space occupied.

      • petworther

        This appears to only include development projects on land owned by the city.

      • Lisa

        Very interesting reading on the PUD for this parcel:


        It was approved:


        But this doesn’t mean ZP Georgia LLC has to do it. I guess they’re keeping the plans waiting in the wings until the Union Drinkery lease is up, which I reckon would be at least 5 years considering the money being put into it.

      • Anonymous

        Sad thing is Murray’s already had the architect (Redbrick Development) lined up and ready to move until Zuckerman’s bought it and seemingly have no plans to move forward as far as I’ve heard. It is a great corner lot that has so much potential.

        Only reason Mothership is even being leased now is because they were not able to purchase the buildings next to it completing their ownership of the entire block.

        It makes no sense what there intentions are other than to hold the crappy buildings and maybe lease to a few crappy clients. Happy about ‘Small Fry’ (and maybe Union Drinkery) but it is small fries compared to the rest of the vacant property they own.

      • Anonymous

        I at least heard that ZP are installing security cameras at some of the vacant properties while they sit on the land. But I feel that is a bandaid and development and occupancy are ultimately the solution to a safer more desirable community

    • this was supposed to start in 2010. Only 8 years late….

    • ParkViewRes

      UGH, you’re telling me. I saw the 2018 and said seriously!! And that’s just for construction to START! It probably won’t be done until 2021. Jeez man. I think it’s because they have to place the remaining residents in housing and they’ve only placed maybe 40%?

      • Anonymous

        Really, I think Nadeau and the Mayor need to hear from everyone because this is nothing short of a ridiculous timeline for Park Morton. I guess this is how everyone keeps there jobs by not doing a thing! Seriously who is accountable for this ‘project’?

    • Anonymous

      Could the Park Morton at 3510 Georgia be referring to the Avenue since that address is actually across the street from the PM site?….wishful thinking?

      • ParkViewRes

        No way, honestly I’ll be surprised if it starts in 2018. And the Avenue is complete–people live there.

  • J. Alan

    I love the fact that the acronym looks close to the word “DUMPED.”

  • Caroline

    A lot of projects are missing, right? There’s a lot of stuff being built in Navy Yard and H Street that I don’t see on the Ward 6 dashboard.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if DCRA did this for all new construction or alterations/additions building permits issued city wide? Rather than just major projects on city-owned land?

    • petworther

      On the one hand I would like that information. On the other hand, it would make it even easier for insane NIMBYs to block development. Speaking of; the ANC 5d meeting tonight is going to be crazytown. I really wish the local news would spend more time and effort covering the wahoos on our ANCs (4c has a few as well), they are a huge roadblock to a nicer more liveable and crime free city.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone see the Walter Reed project closing date of Q1 2036?

    • petworther

      Yeah, the thing is that Walter Reed is enormous. We’d all like to see it happen faster, but even 10 years (which would be about 2026) would seem pretty quick. Given DC’s track record I’d say completion by 2036 is optimistic.
      I know a few people who bought there expecting this thing to happen overnight that are already antsy about it. Lesson: Don’t buy somewhere unless you want to live there now.

    • nico heights

      Might be a little ambitious

  • Anon

    Does anyone know why the Florida and Q NW project is missing from the database? They put out an RFP close to a year ago now and I haven’t heard a peep since. Is it just because Bowser’s cronies didn’t bother bidding on that one at the time and have since changed their minds?

    • truxie

      Same question here. Wasnt thrilled with any of the proposals but something there is better than nothing. And across the street too!


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