• DCReggae

    I have a stalker that works here and I wish I was joking. So sad, I can’t even partake in this delish food spot anymore!

    • You mean like a serious follow you home stalker? Or just a waiter / waitress who likes you? If it’s something serious maybe discuss it with the owner, she wouldn’t like employees scaring away her business.

      • FridayGirl

        Agreed. There’s definitely a difference between stalking and just coming on a little too strongly. Like, one is illegal. You should talk to the owner. Not a situation to make light of.

        • DCReggae

          We passed the “liking me” phase when she started showing up at my house uninvited, waiting outside for hours, describing who I was with the night before, sending me the grossest/creepiest emails. In all honesty, she’s harmless, it just makes me uncomfortable enough not to go there. I appreciate your concern, though!

    • palisades

      What’s the point of this comment? Do something about it.

      • Anonymous

        this could be applied to 75% of this blog

      • DCReggae

        The point of the comment was just that – to comment. Read it and move on.

    • Tell US!

      I Know both managers and owner… is this something that you feel is “stalkerish” or is there something more sinister? If sinister I think all employees here would probably like to know. Also, if its a Thai or Lao’s nationality then just make sure that you know they are really friendly and usually not in your space like that. If its some other nationality then i am not sure,,,

      • DCReggae

        I appreciate your concern! But I don’t need nay strings pulled on my behalf. Time heals all wounds, I suppose.

        • Found out on my own

          Well I did some research because you brought this to light on a public forum. Why did you choose her workplace article to talk about her “stalking”? Why didn’t you mention that you dated /saw her for months? Why didn’t you mention that she has to walk by your house to go home? Of course there is more we cannot talk about but it seems that you are the one fascinated with her. You see her walking as every night at the same time because that is her work schedule. Word on the street is Libel, and I think they have a good case. You should have never mentioned these accusations here.

  • Quaggy

    Oh man, that fish in banana leaf is so legit. And I know because I live in Laos.

  • Anon

    I love this place. So excited for outdoor (and more) seating!

  • More like “added” — my husband and I were there on Sunday night for dinner and there were plenty of people enjoying their meals on the sidewalk!

  • neighbor

    This patio has had seating for a while now. Are they just not getting a permit?
    Either way it makes tons of sense. That sidewalk is enormous. Plenty of room. And they are slammed with customers.
    Can’t wait for the new spot.

  • LP

    I have plans to go there tonight, thanks to all the positive feedback from the good people of PoPville!

  • Anonymous

    I went two weeks ago with a group of friends and sat outside, so they already have this up and running.

  • The Other Jason

    I suggested to a couple of the bartenders (and hopefully mgmt will read this) that they ought to add one communal table outside which would be eligible for Happy Hour. Right now only the 5-7 seats at the bar can get HH prices/menu.


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