• DC Resident

    I love this. We need more business owners like this–more people like this in general. I will be sure to stop in and support them after they return. I wish everyone were so selfless.

  • asa

    They’ve been doing this every summer for as long as I can remember. Great spot.

  • BP

    Big loss though. It’s a great place to hang. They know your drink and have it on the table as soon as you sit down.

  • Jesse

    Anyone know if they have financial backing to pull this off or are they just making that much money when they are open that they can close and just eat expenses w/out income? Could all bar/restaurant businesses pull this off and just don’t?

    • Al

      They are a nonprofit so anything they make above their base operating costs goes to their charity work.

      • anon

        Additionally, every check has a 25 cent charity surcharge, and they raise a lot by selling spots on the bricks and other merchandise.

        I love The Saloon :)

  • New Fan

    I had never heard of them, but I like chill drinking spots, am in the area, and they seem like INCREDIBLE people. Will definitely give it a go!

  • dc_mike

    This is amazing – I always walked by this place, now I’ve gotta walk in (well, after Sept 9).

  • anon

    For those who haven’t been to the Saloon, and are now saying they are going to go, you should know it has some quirky things that people either love or hate. No music, no TVs, customers can’t be standing, etc. I like the Saloon, but some people hate it for these reasons.

  • sevin

    like mentioned above, the rules definitely irk some people, but regulars have another rule, “no assholes”. I like going there for that reason.

    • Formerly of Capitol Hill

      What happens if they run out of seats? It sounds great to me, but I would like to choose a nice night if I’ll need to stand outside, and not go by when it’s raining!

      • Gee

        If they run out of seats, then they’re full until someone leaves! I’ve never had a problem getting a seat, the people are friendly, the food and beer are great (they’ve got a REALLY solid burger!)–it’s always a realxed, calm atmosphere.

        Keep up the aweome work, Saloon/Kamal Foundation! We’re proud to be your neighbors.

    • jd

      isn’t labeling someone an asshole kind of an asshole thing to do? Just sayin’

  • Lane

    May the Saloon stay there a million years and continue to do its great work. I love it so.

  • TheBrownandtheGentry

    Awesome! The rules make it more of an experience :) I will make sure to support more once they open back up…


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