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  • B

    It’s not getting any groove back: it’s still a real estate company. The only thing worse than these real estate companies taking up prime retail space is all of the banks around Logan Circle. Neither add much to the community. So sad that Pulp is gone.

  • GreenThumb

    Agreed. We need another bank or realtor like we need another 7-11.

  • INDC

    I’m surprised that beer prison next door hasn’t expanded into this space. It always looks so crowded.

    • I Dont Get It

      LOL at beer prison


    So does my dog.

    And my husband.

    • blahblahblah

      +1, Pulp was adorable and their staff were so sweet.

    • I Dont Get It

      Sunday walks aren’t the same without strolling through Pulp.

  • Joan Eisenstodt

    No matter what goes on, we will never “feel the love” of founder, Ron Henderson (of blessed memory) or long time manager, Bev Jones. A new coat of paint does not a heart and soul make.

  • zartan

    Pulp is one of a handful of defunct shops/restaurants in that area that I really miss, along with the original Coppi’s (and original Al Crostino as a runner up)

  • I live 2 blocks from The old Pulp and literally miss it every day. Loved the people, the vibe, the stuff inside. Agree with others that a little paint can’t get me excited for a realtor. :(

  • Jno

    Is there still a retail store upstairs?

  • John G.

    It could have looked like this, had the universe unfolded differently…


  • U Street NW

    Ugh, the opposite of groove back. Realtors and banks are dead space. Does anyone ever go to their realtors office?


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