• Breedendials

    It could be between 35 and 38 years old. JC Penney’s launched the product in 1977 and ended it in 1980.

  • brightwoodess

    Love it. Want one.

  • The cupholder is a nice touch

  • Mojotron


  • k8thegr8est

    Hey, that’s my bike! Thanks, guys.

    You’re right, Breedentials. It’s a 78 and was originally sold in the Penneys catalog. If folks are interested, they come up now and again on Craigslist.

    • Anonymous

      Hi k8, I park my beat up Stella next to you at the bike rack and sent the photos into PoPville.
      Love the moped – it’s awsome! I think my GF wants one lol :)

      • k8thegr8est

        Thanks, I was flattered! She totally should get one.


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