Shooting in Brightwood just before 10:30pm Wed. Night

by Prince Of Petworth August 20, 2015 at 9:04 am 9 Comments

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From MPD:

“On August 19, 2015, at approximately 10:23 PM, Fourth District units received a 911 call for a shooting in the 1300 block of Missouri Avenue, NW. Upon arriving on the scene, 4D officers found an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound to his lower back. The victim reported that he was walking in the area of the 5900 block of 13th Place, NW, when a red sedan with unknown Pennsylvania license plates pulled up near him. Suspects inside of the vehicle began shooting at the victim, and the victim ran towards Missouri Avenue. While running, the victim was shot once in the lower back. The red sedan was last seen fleeing southbound on 13th Place. The victim was transported to a local area for treatment.

Anyone with information regarding this offense is asked to call the Metropolitan Police Department’s Command Information Center at 202-727-9099. Thank you.”

  • FormerDelRay

    If the Mayor’s plan to reward the turning in of illegal guns had been in place, this never would have happened, because the thug would’ve had no way to acquire a gun in this anti-gun society of ours. Thank you, Mayor, for your wisdom!

    • Kay


      • FormerDelRay

        Sarcasm, Kay. The U.S. is awash in guns. Rather than address the lack of cops, a vice squad and prosecutions, the Mayor is addressing the problem by addressing a problem that can’t be effectively addressed. Do nothing by appearing to do something everyone can agree on.

    • Ben

      Considering the source of a lot of “illegal” guns in D.C. and other major cities in the eastern seaboard are legal purchases from Virginia maybe you should go after them? I actually don’t know why the feds don’t try and target gun running more.

  • Anonymous

    Bowser is trying to steal the headlines away from all of the violent crime by talking about all the guns that MPD has recovered. That effort is fine, but that barely scratches the surface of what needs to be done. Smaller issues like public drunkeness, doing drugs in public (ie Petworth/CoHi metro) and loitering need to be addressed. These lead to larger issues and creates an environment where people think there are no rules. I don’t support “jump out” squads or military tactics, but we have to enforce the law. There need to be consequences for people’s action. Otherwise, it’s the Wild West. Just look at all the assaults that happen on our sidewalks in broad daylight without guns.

    • Anonymous

      No indication this particular shooting victim was drunk or loitering or selling drugs, but what the heck.

  • dicey

    The police attention on Petworth and Kennedy Street has pushed crime North and South. This area in Brighwood Park and Parkview have gotten really dicey lately. Would not want to hang around there.

    • jim_ed

      ehhh, that block has always been a hotspot for crime. With all the open space next to and behind Missouri Ave Market, it seems to attract loiterers, drunks, and dealers. I’ve probably seen MPD frisking more people on that block (the Ga Ave side, specifically) than anywhere else in the city, so they’re well aware of the issues on that corner.

  • anonymous

    “Did you hear another gunshot?”
    “Nah, that was rental prices hitting a wall.”


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