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  • wobber


    • AG

      My thoughts exactly

  • districtwanderer


  • Vermonster

    In that rough neighborhood? Obviously synthetic weed

    • newdarkages47


  • petworther

    Saw a copter circling very low and heard a bunch of sirens out there. I didn’t see what happened though.

  • DF

    WaPo is reporting one driver may have shot at another due to an argument.
    I get it, it’s hot outside but folks need to calm the f down.

  • BarryF

    Glad no one was hurt but maybe, just maybe, this will spur other law enforcement agencies in the area to work with MPD to make DC safer not just for residents but tourists and Fed workers as well…. wishful thinking? Maybe, but I don’t have much faith in MPD handling this surge in crime alone especially with the dwindling numbers on the force.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because of tourists, fed workers, and residents, tourists and fed works are the ones who bear the brunt of crime in the district? Yeah right.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      This. Every car in the district should have at least one cop riding shotgun that so he can make an arrest the moment road-rage starts to bubble. If every car has at least one cop stationed in the passenger seat it will also improve response time to all these crimes. It would be so easy to fix!

  • Pepper Hines

    This whole chase ended up in Mt. Pleasant where the police now have a suspect cornered in a house on Monroe St. The whole street is marked off with yellow tape and surrounding residents have been evacuated.

    • roberto

      That is some road rage!

  • spookiness

    Maryland plates?


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