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  • charlie

    Amazing. You build a new 7-11, and five minutes later some gets shot down the block. It is like magic. Or a higher technology.

    • Billy Bob

      It’s a false flag

      • Anon

        False magic?

    • Anon

      The 7-11 was just announced. It’s nowhere near up yet

  • DCres

    A shooting on a Monday afternoon just steps from one of the business intersections and corridors in the city. Wow.

    MPD, what do you need to combat this? What laws need to be changed to prevent these crimes? Lay it out here for all to see.

  • Rio

    This is the 2nd shooting in the same area in less than a month, where is our councilmember?

    • Thought

      Snug as a bug several floors up in her secure, bellman, condo. These problems don’t exist when looking down on them from above.

      • JGK

        Grahamstander is that you?

    • Anonymous

      What would you have her do? She was elected to represent Ward 1 residents, not solve crimes, FFS.

      • Ward 1 Resident

        …What do you think a council member actually does? You stated that she was elected to represent Ward 1, do you think that has nothing to do with crime? She can address the crime issues and put pressure on the police chief and mayor. Please think before commenting. And before you start getting into “Oh, another ‘Grahamstander’, I supported Brianne, but I’m beginning to believe that was a mistake. She’s showing that she’s not ready to handle the demands and representation of the Ward 1 residents.

  • U Street Resident

    There was a shooting one block from there (15th and V) reported on PoPville a couple weeks ago. That particular block — V between 14th and 15th — not infrequently has police cars parked nearby; it unfortunately seems to be a higher crime block then the rest of the immediate neighborhood.

    • A Concerned Citizen

      There are police cars parked there because 3d is a block down V Street. Granted V street is running into 3d at that point which is why we raced cars a few blocks down V Street in the 90s. But it is basically a driveby right on top of a police station with the shooter driving towards the police station . . . .

  • Tract44

    There have been 2 other shootings on that block this summer!

    And was there something else in the same location last Friday? I saw police and firetrucks, and someone injured on the ground that day around 5 across the street from Provision 14, but I didn’t know if it was a medical emergency or some kind of crime.


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