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Pasha Returns to Dupont! Pizza No. 17 becomes Pasha’s Kitchen but Fear Not Pizza Lovers

by Prince Of Petworth August 4, 2015 at 10:22 pm 13 Comments

1523 17th Street, NW

A reader reports:

“Hi! Pizza No. 17 on 17th in Dupont closed a few weeks ago for “minor renovations” and it’s reopened as Pasha’s Kitchen. I’m pretty sure the menu, at least some of the pizzas are exactly the same. I haven’t been in to try it, but this was one of my favorite restaurants in DC so I hope it is still awesome!”


Ed. Note: Before Pizza No. 17, this space was Pasha’s Bistro.

Menu after the jump.



  • 17thSter

    Their chicken kebabs were so good. Then it went pizza.

  • sproc

    If it’s the same, I’m sorry, but I always found their food completely underwhelming. Thinking about that stretch, though, any updates on what’s going in the former Salon Rouge space?

    • TacoPants

      Walked by yesterday and peeked in, not much looked changed since last month

    • Jack

      I heard from one of the guys who works at Salon Rouge that the owner is turning the old space into a French bistro. He also mentioned something about a zoning or community approval process.

  • anonymous

    I am not sure I am following what is happening here. Did Pizza 17 just rebrand as Pasha’s Kitchen without changing the menu or did it rebrand, keep the pizza menu, and add options that came from the former Pasha’s Bistro?

    • Mojotron

      If you wanted to talk about Pasha, you should have posted last week, when the post about Pizza no 17 was up, but we were discussing the Pasha post, which is airing now.

      (I miss Mr. Show)

  • TacoPants

    Looks like the menu is largely unchanged from Pizza No17?

    Dupont Italian Kitchen has a permit hanging in their window now saying they will make substantial changes to their business and will have a hearing in a few months. I believe it said they are adding a garden patio or something to that effect. I hope the changes here and at Salon Rouge breathe some new life into this stretch of 17.

    • Derek

      Agreed. Other than Duke’s this stretch of 17th is in dire need of a good and imaginative restaurant.

    • redraiderdc

      Word on the street is that the Dupont Italian Kitchen changes have to do with the second floor balcony that smokers always used off the 2nd floor. The cops busted them for having way too many people on it one night and they had to shut it down. I assume they are bringing it up to code/improving it.

      • TacoPants

        Ah, that bums me out if they are just bringing it up to code.

  • Rich

    No. 17 had horrible pizza even for DC. the best thing that could happen to that space would be a new owner, not a revised “concept”.

  • jch2k

    I used to go to Pasha’s a lot when i first moved to DC in 2006. The food was pretty good and I forgot about it until now!

  • Anonymous

    Who are the boys that live above Pizza 17/Pasha’s??


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