From Italian to Spanish – Odeon Cafe becoming Madrid in Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth August 28, 2015 at 10:40 am 6 Comments

odeon Cafe Dupont
1714 Connecticut Ave, NW

A reader reports:

Odeon Cafe and Bistro in Dupont Circle is changing name to Madrid serving Spanish cuisine. They held a private tasting of the new menu last evening, heard the food and Spanish wine were delicious.”

Odeon Cafe has been in Dupont “more than 26 years”. Updates as more is known.

  • Anon

    So now we have Barcelona and Madrid. What’s next? Valencia?

    • ere

      Hopefully not ‘Castrillo Matajudios’

  • OdeonBlows

    Odeon Cafe was such a POS place. Filled with nasty food, hordes of tourists, and artwork from Target. I will not be sorry to see this Russian mafia place fade into oblivion.

  • Anon

    Did anyone ever take advantage of their whole Maine lobster special? That alone labeled this as nothing more than a tourist trap.

  • Bric

    I have a strong sentimental attachment to Odeon Cafe. Way back in 1992 I was in DC for a big national gay rights March on Washington with my then new girlfriend. We lived down in Norfolk at the time. We had such a blast in DC that weekend, the big Dyke March from Dupont down Connecticut Ave on Saturday night with tons of women with torches and all the gay men cheering from the sidewalks, and the big march on Sunday. Before the Dyke March, we wandered into Odeon and had a great dinner – the food was quite good back then, or my palate was less developed, who knows…. – but it was romantic and an exhilarating weekend. I’m still with that woman, we’re married now, despite it taking nearly ten years of “courtship” before we moved in together, but I consider that weekend and that romantic dinner important reasons why we made it through those early months. Farewell Odeon Cafe!

    • Caroline

      My first girlfriend loved Odeon Café and we’d often end up there several nights a week. It was sort of the perfect place– never crowded but never empty, with food that was good but not trendy, and a wonderfully sweet bartender. I didn’t understand the appeal of Odeon when I was 22, but now I get it.


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