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New “High-End” Movie Theater Moving Forward Next Door to the 9:30 Club

by Prince Of Petworth August 3, 2015 at 10:22 pm 41 Comments

807 V Street, NW

Psyched to see some progress for the movie theater coming next door to the 9:30 Club.

A liquor license placard says:

“The facility will operate as a high-end theatre with a café, serving patrons a variety of food offerings, including local specialties and spirits. Summer Garden seating for 14, Total Occupancy Load of 420 and seating for 369 inside.”


It’s interesting to note that even these huge developments get smacked with “vacant property” delinquent tax notice stickers:


  • Wtf?

    How does this obviously progressing building get a vacant sticker while the abandon buildings all up and down Georgia are not? So insane.

    • Anonymous


    • GBinCH

      Higher chance of collecting? Most of the abandoned buildings on Georgia are saddled with unpaid taxes — after a while, what’s the point in slapping the owner with a higher tax rate if they’re already delinquent?

      • Jim Slicio

        It’s because they are all owned by Howard University – and have historical designation.

        • Wtf?

          Uh… The strip mall at Georgia and lamont?

          • Anonymous

            That is owned by Zuckerman Partners LLC. They also own the old Murry’s building at 3400, the strip between Kenyon and Lamont on the west side of GA, and 3128 at the corner (old abandoned GA Market).

            Please either call 311 or email vacantbuildings@dc.gov. I’ve heard they have deep pockets so this may not phase them sitting on blight but it wouldn’t hurt.

      • Wtf?

        Because once the liens are big enough the property can be sold at a tax auction. Plus many of these are held by investors just sitting on them while the value increases. In their mind having a tenant devalues the property. The whole idea of vacancy rates is to change that equation.

        • LandlordsArePeopleToo

          Or perhaps DC might consider liberalizing its tenant laws just a tad to allow property owners the rights to, you know, sell what they own? The fact that tenants can effectively shake down property owners isn’t helping the affordable housing shortage, since it means that properties purposely get kept vacant.

          • Aram Vartian

            Oh yeah, sure – because the very first thing property owners will do if those laws are relaxed is rush to provide gobs of affordable housing.

          • Accountering

            Well, anecdotally, I have seen a couple people on this site mention that they leave their basements as storage or a bonus room as opposed to renting them out, so yes, it is impacting at least two basement units, which would presumably be relatively affordable.

    • LongtimeResident

      Same with 1309 Clifton St. Been vacant since April, and DCRA insists it’s not.

      Except the developer who bought it specifically told the ANC it is indeed vacant and not a soul has been coming or going.

  • jdre

    And a Whole Foods? Punk. Punk af.

  • Anon

    It’s the same thing with the space at Sherman a and Harvard. There’s clearly going to be something there. They recently painted and there are logos on the door saying they accept visa and MasterCard, but it still has the bright green vacant thing on the side.

  • Mike

    Or…I don’t know, how about Republic Gardens or the place next door to it. Have been vacant ever since I moved to DC 5 years ago…

  • 930Murph

    This “high end” movie theater will probably be as ‘pleasant’ an experience as the one in Gallery Place.

    • Truxton Thomas

      I’m thinking it will be more like E Street, with indie movies, coffee and booze.

      • INDC

        Exactly. This is a Landmark so you won’t be seeing blockbusters that you see at regular theaters. Happy this type of theater is opening here.

        • textdoc

          Landmark has (unfortunately) become a lot more mainstream in recent years — there didn’t use to be so much overlap between what they were showing and what the mainstream chains were showing.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      What’s unpleasant about the theater at Gallery Place?

      • blahblahblah

        It’s badly managed, loud, insanely crowded during prime times, and packed with movie talkers.

        • DCgoer

          You’re talking about a movie theater in the heart of Washington, DC….what do you expect?

          • blahblahblah

            E Street is in the heart of DC, as is Georgetown and the Uptown. All of which are much more pleasant places to see a movie than Gallery Place. The location is less the issue than the poor management.

          • textdoc

            Agreed on the poor management.

    • Anonymous

      Considering it’s a Landmark, yes it will likely be much more like Landmark’s other local theaters: E Street and Bethesda Row, which are both quite nice.

  • ke

    Totally excited for a theater in this part of town.

  • bluepeter

    viewed the condos at the apc building across the street from this apartment block and the agent told us the theater would be a small, independent theatre with small screens a la m street (now landmark) theatre.

    relatedly, anyone else view the apc condos? would love to hear thoughts…

    • Anonymous

      We toured them. Insanely small layout, gorgeous views.
      I think they are selling at $1K/foot. Bananas.

    • DCgoer

      We toured them also a little while back…was not crazy about them at all! Beautiful of course, but the layouts did not seem to make sense and their “master” bedrooms could barely fit a full size bed. Not impressed (considering the price)

      • bluepeter

        not too crazy about them either – small, expensive and didn’t think the finishings were of a quality commensurate with the price. veneer kitchen cabinets seemed cheap and the backsplash struck me as gaudy…details, I guess…

    • textdoc

      I hope the screens aren’t going to be as small as the ones at what used to be West End (and before that, Loews Cineplex Odeon Inner Circle). Those are TINY.

    • Q

      I don’t know how many people a regular-sized theater seats, or how large they plan on the cafe being, but this doesn’t sound small to me: “Summer Garden seating for 14, Total Occupancy Load of 420 and seating for 369 inside.”

  • anon

    I thought it was going to be a Landmark, like E street and Bethesda Row. But maybe I’m just making that up.

  • Nickkyleson

    It’s hard to read the notice, but my guess (hope) this notice relates to the previous vacated Atlantic Plumbing supply co. building on the site. It would be completely ridiculous for them to issue this notice for a building currently under construction that will soon bring more tax revenue to the city.

    • nate

      I’ve seen these stickers attached to houses that were just being finished renovated. Actually, one was probably done and just staged for showing.

      • textdoc

        Yep, I’ve seen this too.

      • Sydney

        Guess what! Builders have to get permits in order to build. If the city hasn’t issued a permit, it assumes the space is still vacant. From what DCRA has told, they just want a little compliance, one way or another. I know: that’s asking a lot of our developers.

        • Steve

          Try getting a permit from DCRA in a timely fashion. The District is selectively enforcing vacant property laws. The parcels just up Florida owned by the District are a blight. Completely hypocritical. It’s a stupid law to begin with.

  • Shawn_USt

    So excited about having a movie theater back on the U St corridor!

  • Anon

    Oh man, Landmark Theaters are just taking over, and I couldn’t be happier about it!


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