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“my neighbor was robbed at gunpoint on her front porch…demanded her keys, then stole her car”

by Prince Of Petworth August 17, 2015 at 10:25 am 42 Comments

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Readers report:

“Carjacking at 15th & Allison/Webster NW just before midnight last night [Saturday]. Gun involved. Police notified. Neighbors assisted neighbor victim.”


“Just a heads up, my neighbor was robbed at gunpoint on her front porch last night at 11pm at the 4400 block of 15th st Nw. She was unlocking her door when three young men jumped out of an suv and demanded her keys, then stole her car. Her screams alerted us, and about a dozen people and police were there in minutes.

This was the second incident in our neighborhood that day (16th st heights) as a door was kicked in early in an attempted break-in.”

  • anon

    Does anybody know what typically happens with these jacked cars? Do they successfully get torn down and sold for parts? Do they get joyrode for a bit before being found illegally parked somewhere?
    Just seems like it’d be difficult to successfully abscond with a car for long.

    • Kingman Park

      Most are used to commit other crimes. It’s much easier to get away with a crime if you use a car not registered in a name that can be traced back to you, so long as you don’t get pulled over first.

      • anon

        Yeah, I get that, but then what? Do they ditch the car somewhere? Are people usually reunited with their cars in a condition that’s, at worst, equivalent to a run-of-the-mill fender bender?

        • Kingman Park

          Yep, they ditch it. It’s not their car so they don’t give a shit about leaving it in decent condition.

        • Aglets

          They light them on fire. 10-15 years ago if you took the south dakota exit off NY Ave and then kept right to go towards the ft. lincoln cemetery there were burned out hulls of huge SUVs daily. Or the tattoo of a burned car on the pavement. The road didn’t have a street number so it was difficult to call it in to police but i would try.

        • Anon MPD

          We don’t have a thriving chop shop market in DC, so most are stolen for joyrides or to commit other crimes. And then they’re dumped in a parking lot that’s not a high traffic area and eventually a resident will call or cops will notice. They’re usually only kept like 1-3 days.

        • saf

          They used to dump them in the parking lot behind the Safeway at Georgia and Quincy and then sometimes light them on fire.

    • sapphie

      My car was stolen in Friendship Heights years ago….they found it two days after it was stolen in Rock Creek Park up on blocks and the engine still running. They had totally stripped it. Even taking my battery and sticking a cheap battery in it. They took the airbags, spoiler, floor mats, spare tire, and the tires and rims. The night they stole it, I had run up on a curb and blew a tire…so they stole it with a flat tire!

  • JL

    Can’t even sit on your porch now at night. Bring on the vice squads. We need undercover cops back on the streets to catch these freaking idiots.

  • anonymous

    Fire Bowser immediately. There won’t be another shooting or robbery w/gun ever again in D.C. The gangs will put down their weapons and move out the city. I promise you!!!!!

    • anon

      That sounds like a plausible explanation for how governance works!!

      • anonymous

        Well It seems that’s what everyone else thinks is the issue- The mayor…When these things have always happened. But hey I don’t like her- so lets make everything her fault mindset.

    • madmonk28

      Let me guess, you work for the mayor? We elect officials because we expect them to do the job of running the city. Crime is getting steadily worse and Bowser doesn’t seem to be doing anything to communicate that she takes the issue seriously and is addressing it. It’s not unreasonable to expect that from our mayor.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think she is doing a good job, but you don’t have to work in her office to laugh at some of the hyperbole on these threads.

  • Grant Circle

    I know a couple that was just robbed there, 15th and Allison, at gum point maybe 2-3 weeks ago.

  • jbone87

    There’s crime all over this city. I don’t feel any less safe or more safe than when I moved to Petworth 4 years ago. You do what you need to do living in a city to protect yourself and your neighbors. Be vigilant, call 911, and realize that there are very specific situations where one needs to be extremely aware of his/her surroundings. I believe MPD and the Mayor are doing everything they can to stem the trend and tide. A new police chief or calling for new leadership in DC/City Hall solves nothing.

    • Kingman Park

      I believe MPD is doing their best but I have no faith in the mayor. She wasn’t a very good city councilwoman so I’m not sure why people thought she’d be a good mayor.

      • say what

        I don’t know if people thought she would good as much as they thought she just isnt David Cantania. Its a shame. Cantania would have been great. I still hope he gives it another go.

      • Anony


    • Susan

      What exactly is the Mayor doing??? Please tell me, I must have missed the post or the news conference where she talked about what she is actually doing? What I have seen is her deflecting blame by saying every other city has had an increase and that synthetic drugs are the cause of all the crime.

      I realize that getting rid of Bowser is probably a non-starter, but I am in the camp that thinks it is time for some new leadership at the DC Police. Lanier has had a long run at this, and each year the crime has increased. I believe it is time for change!

      • dat

        Is that accurate? (That crime has increased every year under Lanier)

        • Josh

          No, not accurate at all. Chief Lanier assumed command on 2 January 2007. The homicide rate in DC was 181 in 2007, 186 in 2008, 144 in 2009, 132 in 2010, 108 in 2011, 88 in 2012, 104 in 2013 (includes the 12 killed at the Navy Yard shooting), and 105 in 2014. As of 14 August, there have been 91 in August, compared to 72 at this point in 2014.

          The information is here: http://mpdc.dc.gov/page/district-crime-data-glance.

          • Marty

            (Epidemiologist Rant)

            A rate must have a numerator and a denominator. You provided homicide “counts,” which is probably fine, it just doesn’t take into account changes in the overall population which have occurred over time.

          • Anon

            Fair point, but population increase does not explain this particular uptick in crime.

          • Anon

            +1,000,000 to Marty.

            Counts are very different from rates. Providing only counts gives an incomplete story if trying to make inferences.

          • Krampus

            Actually Josh is providing rates, it’s just that the denominator is time rather than population.

          • Anony

            Homicide is one measure of crime but not the only one

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yes, counts are very different from rates, and yes, comparing rates might give you different insights than comparing counts if comparing DC to other cities, or if analyzing DC over a period of multiple decades, but when comparing homicides in DC over the past couple of years, I’m not clear on what further insights one could possibly hope to obtain from the homicide rates rather than just looking at the counts. (Heck, no denominator of any real value is measured with enough precision to do anything other than introduce noise if what we’re doing is comparing this year’s homicide rate or count to last year’s.

          • Anonym

            Rates include person-time in the denominator, not just time.

          • Rates

            Only in DC would people argue over the correct usage of rates vs. counts and completely skip over the fact that innocent people are dying in the streets.

          • anon

            Marty–the denominator is the year, and it’s quite clear from what Josh wrote that the rate is homicides/year.

          • Anonymous

            DC’s population has increased every year. So if the number of homicides (numerator) is declining every year and the population (denominator) is increasing every year, the rate – the number of crimes divided by the population – is declining. It’s called math.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Anon – a serious attempt at measuring the population is made once every 10 years for the decennial census, and the record reflects that the government of the District of Columbia formally challenged the census regarding the population of DC. That is for the actual f*cking census. In between the decennial censuses, the numbers are basically made up (not literally made up, but modelled mathematically to to jive with the two endpoints which are thought to be known but are probably wrong). So if you want to go to the trouble to divide the murder count in 2014 by the estimated population in 2014, and do the same for 2015, and compare the rates, all you’re doing is dividing a known number by a made up number to add a bunch of needless error into your calculations. The homicide count is up by double digit percentages. The population increase from 2014 to 2015, if even positive (it is not established fact that the population of DC is still even growing), is probably about 2 percent or so at the very most, it sure as heck is not even within a large multiple of the increase in the homicide count. Thanks for the math lesson, though. It was really helpful.

    • SW DC

      Well, the fact that they are 500 MPD officers short right now might have SOMETHING to do with it….but the Mayor isn’t responsible for THAT at all, right?!

  • Tobin

    Yeah Bowser is a total joke. She hasn’t shown a single bit of leadership during this uptick in crime. But I can’t say I’m surprised given what I saw from her as a councilwoman.

  • Qzie

    Just saying, I feel less safe and in fact scared this summer. I live in LeDroit/Bloomingdale.

    It’s one thing to be city smart: Watch yourself, don’t put yourself in dangerous situations (walking alone late, walking home drunk, being careless with purse/cellphone, avoiding dark streets/alleys)–it is another being a random and tragic victim of a drive by shooting in the afternoon on a busy street or as a woman (or anyone) trying to park and enter your own home and being robbed or carjacked like what happened here. It’s scary, senseless and takes a Mayor and police chief who can act decisively and quickly on many fronts to put gangs and shooters on notice that this crazy sh(* is NOT tolerated in our city, by our people, our citizens.

    Saturday night, I left a party in Brookland at 10:30 p.m. and 15-20 ATVs roared down Franklin Street–this is now illegal in DC, right? And people feel so confident that we don’t enforce laws that they can keep doing whatever we want?

    Our Mayor needs to send a message that this is not an ungoverned city. I’d like to see her administration respond to Charlie Bengel’s comments on Popville earlier this morning–or at least show residents that her administration is talking about this.

    • Lockupmorekids

      So you want to see more kids have their lives destroyed for smoking a joint in public or sitting on a bus bench too long?

    • Luckycat

      Agree. I have lived in DC for nearly 15 years and this is the least safe I have felt in all that time.

  • anon

    Can’t we just talk about Bowser’s new hair do?

  • G st NE

    I’ve had my same vehicle stolen 3x from the 1300 block of G st NE. Everyt time it was found in tact (minus any damage caused to break in and get it started) and ditched in SE. Cops said they usually just need a ride and it’s more convenient to take a car. Or they need to vomit some robberies (like bikes and packages and stuff) and don’t have a vehicle. Good times.

    • Anon MPD

      What kind of car do you have? I’m assuming it’s before the keys were chipped meaning a screwdriver can start it.

    • John B.

      I miss having a stick shift. I never had to worry about my car being stolen…


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