MPD Announces All Hands on Deck August 28 – 30th; 5D requests “your input in deploying foot patrols”

by Prince Of Petworth August 4, 2015 at 3:45 pm 26 Comments

all hands on deck
Photo by PoPville flickr user John Sonderman

From MPD 5th District Assistant Patrol District Commander:

“The Metropolitan Police Department’s Fifth Police District is proud to announce the upcoming deployment dates for our All Hands on Deck (AHOD) 2015 August Initiative, commencing Friday, August 28 at 3 pm and continuing through 6 am on Sunday, August 30, 2015.

During AHOD, all available sworn MPD personnel are placed on patrol throughout the District emphasizing community policing, focused law enforcement and community outreach. This includes increased foot patrols, detectives following up on cases, and police recruits passing out specific crime related information. There is no departmental use of overtime associated with our AHOD.

AHOD is about reducing violent crime and increasing police visibility. The Fifth Police District has made a substantial impact during our past AHOD’s due to the continued support of our residents and the dedication and hard work of our officers.

The dates for this AHOD were selected based on predictive analysis using past data to indicate when violence is likely to occur which allows us to strategically deploy our resources accordingly.

This year, under the leadership and direction of Commander William Fitzgerald, we seek your assistance in developing our deployment plan and request your input in deploying foot patrols within our community. This is your opportunity to directly assist us in creating foot patrols in areas of need during this AHOD. All suggestions and recommendations shall be forwarded to Captain Mark Beach no later than Sunday, August 9th at: [email protected]

The All Hands on Deck began in 2007 as part of Chief Lanier’s Summer Crime initiative aimed at capping traditional summer crime trends by putting more officers on patrol and engaging them in one-on-one interactions with residents.

As always; anyone who is the victim of a crime or witnesses a crime in progress should call 911 immediately. Individuals who have information regarding crimes should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally anonymous information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

  • Bryan

    7th & O St NW

    • anon

      Posting here won’t help MPD. You need to email as explained in the post.

    • JohnH

      Not that this is violent/serious crime, but I saw a couple kids running out of the Giant on O St. at around 6 tonight and the security person had a few kids within his grasp lecturing them about shoplifting.

      And recently, getting takeout from Pizza D’Oro at 7th and T, a few kids were lingering outside and then a couple came in – to steal a damn Gatorade – and one of the employees had their eye on them and chased them down and got the drinks back. The kids walked back by cussing out and threatening the employees who had stepped outside.

      It’s just baffling that kids will go to such efforts to steal a drink that costs a dollar. And in both of these that I just happened to witness, nobody bothered getting the police involved. Again, not that it was major crime – but a cop will be a heckuva lot more intimidating to 10 year olds than a pizza store employee. And while neither were major crimes, as we know, it all starts somewhere – and particularly with the Pizza D’Oro shoplifting – chasing down a bunch of kids trying to get away from someone can result in a violent crime situation pretty easily. Not that you’d need to call 911, but both are in pretty busy areas where police presence shouldn’t be a rarity.

  • MMMkay

    Interesting – does anyone have an informed opinion about how well these kinds of initiatives work? Do other cities do them?

    • Bargain

      Opinion? Yes. Informed? No.

    • dzzz

      I’ve always wondered this too. Wouldn’t the logical solution for criminals who are not also complete morons be to not commit crimes on those days?

      • annonny

        Dear criminals,
        I’m pleased to announce we will conduct an all-hands effort the last weekend in August. This is an excellent opportunity for you reestablish your long-distance relationships with lawbreakers living outside of the 5th district. Who knows what you might discover when you venture out of the district – new sources of synthetic marijuana, strengthened alliances with out-of-state crime syndicates, or even improved techniques for spreading mayhem and violence that you can bring home. Please take this opportunity to plan your getaway before bus and air fares go up!

  • DCChillin

    This is seriously needed in Columbia Heights/Petworth.

  • Petworthy

    9th and Crittenden NW.

    • Anon


  • Circle Thomas

    So it’ll be safe to go out come the end of the month. Until then, stay barred inside your home.

  • Eponymous

    “all available sworn MPD personnel are placed on patrol throughout the District emphasizing community policing, focused law enforcement and community outreach. This includes increased foot patrols, detectives following up on cases, and police recruits passing out specific crime related information.”
    Gee, isn’t this just called “policing”?
    Also, thanks for letting the criminals know when to lay low, MPD!

    • anon

      +1000. What’s the excuse for not doing this, i.e. policing, all the time?

    • Anon MPD

      Not all police officers are assigned to regular patrol duties. They perform other essential functions such as criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, internal affairs, training, and so forth.

      Why is it a bad thing to deter criminals from committing crimes while engaging with the community?

      • 4D rez

        We get it Anon MPD, it just seems odd that we’d wait 3 more weeks to get a all hands on deck when the city murder rate and shooting rate is just nuts. Even the police union is calling foul. Nearly out of control. As the ministers say, let the detectives do their work, but what we see day after day and week after week is increased gun violence. Why wait? let’s do the community hands on deck every day. Or every Friday night at around 1-2 am in the corners noted by others posting here. Send a clearer message. Put down the guns. Stop the retaliation. Don’t shoot! Shooters are not cool.

  • Shaw

    I just submitted a request for 7th and O NW and a few other trouble spots in Shaw. Please use the email in the post and formally submit your requests so that this area gets the additional attention it needs.

  • Anonymous

    14th Street NW between Otis Place and Shepherd Street.
    Prostitution, drugs, public intoxication, verbal harassment, homelessness/vagrancy. At a recent walk thru with MPD, we found several Hispanic men living in an abandoned house. Many of these stores are selling “two-packs” of beer to get around the single sales ban too.

  • Ward5Res

    Please read the MPD announcement closely. This is for the 5th District. The 5th District does not include Shaw or Columbia Heights.

    Maps here: http://mpdc.dc.gov/node/207922

  • BarryF

    This press release is somewhat confusing… is the all hands on deck just for the 5th district or for the entire city?
    If its just for the 5th district then umm wtf because crime is up citywide not just in the fif?

  • FTO Sergeant Hartmann

    Let me let everyone on a little secret- at the start of the summer Chief Lanier changed everyone in MPD Patrol’s schedule to eliminate weekends off. Everyone is already working most of the weekend anyway. Every weekend is essentially an AHOD. The only difference is that you’ll have a few more detectives and inside people in uniform standing on a street corner in the ‘hood than you normally have on the weekend. Ever wonder why violence, robberies et al is so bad during the middle week? That’s because officers are on day off. And after AHOD? Manpower is even shorter because detectives, patrol support teams, etc. are usually off the beginning of of the week in the run up to AHOD or right after. You can’t rob Peter to pay Paul with manpower.

    Also, several districts (First, Second, Third, and Fourth) are sending officers every shift over to Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Districts. An average police district roll call might have fifteen to twenty officers working per shift plus supervisors on many week days during the summer. I wonder what citizens would say if they knew officers were being diverted from their neighborhoods in Shaw, Columbia Heights, Petworth, Capitol Hill, Georgetown, etc. and sent to stand on a street corner on Ainger Place or Alabama Avenue.

    • Eponymous

      Thanks for posting, Sergeant.
      So would you say that lack of officers is the biggest barrier to combating the uptick in crime we’re seeing? If so, what is preventing the city from hiring more officers? Is it budget, a lack of qualified applicants, or something else?
      More importantly, how can the public help? Should we be lobbying our councilmembers to provide certain resources to MPD?

  • Ally

    This is much needed in other MPD districts as well, hope they will something similar in the 4th and 3rd soon. Or all districts, for that matter.

    I know it doesn’t always happen this way, but I can’t help but feel much safer when I see cops out on the street talking calmly with people and paying attention to their surroundings.

  • uhm_whaht?

    !!!!WARD 1..What about us in our area??
    14th St. NW around Meridian Hill area, Belmont, Chapin, Euclid.
    Why only 5D?
    And why only on certain dates and why later in Aug.?
    Time is of the essence.

  • Anonymous

    How about a “GET OUT OF YOUR PATROL CARS” campaign instead of this nonsense?

    • Anonymous

      I very much appreciate the MPD and the hard and dangerous work they do but do feel getting out of the cars on a regular basis instead of parking and playing on a phone is much more effective in crime suppression. I constantly watch crimes taking place 40 feet away from cops in cars (dealing, drinking, deficating) while they are buried in phones.

  • No Bikes

    Ahh yes, all hands on deck night. This is when I got a ticket for failing to wear a seat belt in the back of a cab.


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