“In the last 30 days, MPD seized 102 illegal guns, including 10 just last weekend” – New Reward Offered For More

by Prince Of Petworth August 20, 2015 at 1:15 pm 27 Comments

From a press release:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Cathy Lanier re-launched the District’s illegal gun initiative, which seeks the public’s help to identify violent offenders who carry illegal firearms. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) currently offers a $1,000 reward to anyone who has information that can lead them to an illegal firearm. Mayor Bowser and Chief Lanier announced new reward amounts of up to $2,500 for a tip leading to an arrest and a seizure of an illegal gun (from $1,000) and up to $10,000 for a tip leading to an arrest and conviction in a shooting (from $1,000).

“Illegal firearms are responsible for most homicides in the District. And illegal guns continue to make their way into the hands of violent criminals,” said Mayor Bowser. “Our police department is making progress – but they cannot do it alone. Many of these illegal guns have high capacity magazines, which inflict maximum damage on victims, their families and our neighborhoods. With the public’s help, we can get illegal firearms off the streets.”

By helping MPD seize illegal guns, residents can help prevent more tragedies. Someone who would like to report an illegal gun, or who has information about ANY crime, should call 202.727.9099. When you call, you are not obligated to identify yourself. Alternatively, you can text an anonymous tip to 50411.

“Our actions are clear: we need to get illegal guns off the street so people aren’t put in harm’s way,” said Police Chief Lanier. “We are encouraging residents to step up and do the right thing by submitting tips that lead to the seizure of illegal guns.”

So far this year, MPD has taken 944 illegal guns off the street.”

A letter from the mayor announcing the new campaign:

“944. That’s how many illegal guns the Metropolitan Police Department has taken off the street this year. In the last 30 days, MPD seized 102 illegal guns, including 10 just last weekend.

Last week, MPD confiscated an UZI from a home where children were present. Two weeks before that, tragically, a three year old girl died because of an illegal gun in her home that was accessible to another child.

Illegal firearms are responsible for the vast majority of homicides in the District, as guns continue to make their way into the hands of violent criminals. MPD is working day and night to get these guns off the streets, where they don’t belong. They are making progress, but they can’t do it alone. There are still too many guns in our community and we need the public’s help to find them.

That is why, today, I announced that the District will increase the reward for tips that lead to the seizure of illegal guns and high capacity magazines from $1,000 to $2,500. And starting today, MPD will offer a $10,000 reward for a tip that leads to an arrest and conviction in a shooting. We will continue to offer a $25,000 reward for a tip that leads to an arrest and conviction related to a homicide.

If you know someone who has an illegal firearm, please call 202-727-9099 or text an anonymous tip to 50411.

By helping us get guns off the street, you will help us prevent more tragedies. Together, we are stronger.

Mayor Muriel Bowser”

  • anon

    I’m no 2nd amendment wacko, but this just sounds asinine to me: “Illegal firearms are responsible for most homicides in the District. And illegal guns continue to make their way into the hands of violent criminals,” said Mayor Bowser.

    Basically punting responsibility for elevated crime as far away from her as possible.

    • What does stating basic facts have to do with either the 2nd Amendment or the Mayor’s responsibility?

      • Anon

        blaming guns, and only guns on crime. Not policy and strategic decisions that have enabled and encouraged criminal usage of these guns.

        • You have to be pretty dense to think that statement places sole blame on the guns themselves. It’s merely a factual number used to make a point.

          • Anon

            Your comprehension seems a little off.

            Bowser is blaming guns for the rise in crime. Read the first sentence and try to figure out if there is any ambiguity.

  • I watched the Bowser/Lanier presser yesterday. Not impressed. Their big new idea was increasing the reward $. If I was knowledgeable about someone who had illegal guns but wasn’t willing to turn them in for $1000, I don’t think I would change my mind to get $2500. I know the police are getting a lot of illegal guns off the street and that they are working hard with the resources they have, but to think that increasing the reward money for tips is going to make a big difference in the brash level of violent crime we are all experiencing is ridiculous. One thing that wasn’t asked or addressed at all was the high attrition rate of cops and the fact that the police force is down about 500 officers. (not to mention we have been a rapidly growing city for the last several years so our population is increasing; therefore we should be increasing the number of police officers). I was expecting much more from their joint press conference – let’s hold them accountable to take bold action with new strategies to control all of this senseless and tragic violence that is happening on a daily basis.

    • jonah

      Chief Lanier has talked about this a bit elsewhere. I was at a District 4 Police meeting back in July. The entire room in their 6001 Georgia Precinct was packed and overflowing. She said she has been speaking at budget hearings about the large amounts of retirement age officers coming due to whatever the large hiring in the 80’s was. She said if she maxed out hiring based on what the city provides in terms of budget it won’t be able to offset the attrition rates. One problem mentioned was the time to get new officers through the academy and onto street beats was time intensive and not an immediate solution. They have a program where they are hiring civilians to do some work, obviously not patrol work, and can fill those very quickly to help with what I guess is backlogs and community work. All that to say if they truly are not getting the money to bring in enough replacements I don’t know how we can hold Chief Lanier accountable for that. The mayor, city council, and their budget process sure.

      • I agree – the Mayor and city council needs to step up and make the funds available to sufficiently staff the police force. If that means shifting dollars from something else or raising taxes so we don’t lose a life a day to gun violence then let’s do it. eg. The council approved $10 million in their 2015 budget for a small park next to Dupont Circle. That same $ could pay for a lot of cops/equipment/resources. (btw – I’m for more green spaces and well-designed public spaces in DC – but it just seems like that is a big chunk of change when there are many immediate critical issues to focus on right now where this money would have been better allocated) I’m sure there are dozens of examples like this where the Council could be more responsible about targeting funds.

      • nico heights

        Agreed. This falls on the council and past administrations. That being said, this award rollout is not sufficient and more needs to be down now to combat crime.

    • longterm Me

      You’re looking at this through the wrong lens. If you have $700 in savings and would like to move out of the neighborhood, $1000 will not help your situation. You may find an apt for $1000 a month with an extra $1000 for deposit. You can’t leave because you’re $300 short.

      Now, if you had the same $700, plus $2500 you have the first and last month rent and a bit of cushion in your shavings. That’s where the inventive comes from for a few people to turn in the people with guns.

      Your job do this all the time to you, you’d think you’d apply the same incentive to the poor who have their own calculation for doing things. Sheesh

  • Anonymous

    Ineffective strategy, but designed to make the residents feel safe. MPD needs a “top to bottom” overhaul. New leadership, new strategies and new structure… If not, I think we’ll see a new mayor and some new council members next election. .

    • Jack Stevens


    • anon

      You think that in the middle of a crime spike turning the agency responsible for protecting the public on it’s head is a good idea? Let me ask you this: would that work at your office? How about in any other organization you’re involved in? I don’t think slash and burn is the answer here.

    • dat

      Cut the crap. It’s not MPD that needs the overhaul, it’s the way we charge, prosecute, and sentence violent offenders – particularly juveniles. This means action on multiple levels.

      MPD can arrest people all they want, but if they’re just being let back out on the street or not being convicted, it doesn’t make a difference.

      • Anon

        Well, the word on the street is that Lanier is endangered if the total keeps rising. And Chief Kimberly Chisley-Missouri, who was the 4D Commander when Bowser was the Ward 4 CM is the heir apparent.

  • brightwoodess

    Smoke and mirrors.

  • NK

    Seems like a waste of my tax dollars, but I suppose cheaper than putting more officers onto the streets? Are there any studies available on this strategy of crime deterrence?

  • Linc Park SE

    Our Jail is also understaffed – and the population is on the increase. Couple this with the delay in shipping the sentenced inmates to the Fed facilities – hot, crowded jail with tired, overworked COs = another problem area.

    • Doug

      The jail has a federal cap is usually working at just under capacity in order to remain in compliance. It doesn’t become overcrowded like other jails. Staffing may be down but the population size is not an issue.

  • anon

    At least this is something. I didn’t know the reward existed – hopefully with some of the effort to get the word out about the increase, it’ll inform someone with information that otherwise wouldn’t have known. Is this the solution? Absolutely not. Is this a step in the right direction? Hey, it can’t hurt!

  • Good, more incentive for snitches.

    • Anonymous

      …and riches if you play your cards right!

  • AdmsMgn

    Instead of increasing rewards, perhaps the MPD should use that $$ to pay overtime or training for existing officers.
    I have more faith in Lanier to get a handle on this than Bowser. Earlier this week on the Fox5 local news when Bowser was asked about the uptick in crime, she stated that we’re on par with 2014 with respect to number of murders and didn’t seem that alarmed about the recent uptick. I was baffled how the mayor could seem so nonchalant about the loss of human lives, even if she thinks things aren’t much worse than 2014!

  • Anonymous

    Greed can sometimes be a good thing…hopefully

  • GBinCH

    Am I the only amused by the phrase “Got guns?”

  • TX2DC

    In the last 30 days, MPD seized 102 illegal guns, including 10 just last weekend…..and in that same time frame 250 more guns flooded into DC from MD and VA.
    One step forward, two steps back.

  • FormerDelRay

    Think about it. Which segment of DC society is the most likely to have or know of illegal guns? By offering greater rewards, you appear to be doing something about crime while actually transferring tax dollars to the segment with the illegal guns. To make it even better, the plan incentivizes the acquisition of guns so you can turn them in for cash. You only need to keep one to keep terrorizing the city and keep the program and cash payments flowing.


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