• Looks plantation-esque. Pretty cool they were able to preserve so much of the architectural period style.

  • palisades

    Wow. Looking at the old posts about it and google maps makes you realize how far it’s come. Does it have any purpose? Museum? Private residence?

    • Josh

      I believe it’s all residences. I’ve walked by and looked inside a few of the places and saw kitchens and bathrooms. It’s really interesting because I assume it’s considered an apartment complex, but as justinbc mentioned they retained all of the structure of the previous building, so it’s quite unique.

    • Condos, pretty nice looking ones too. WaPo did a feature on them.

  • Liz

    It’s not a house. It’s been converted into condos.

  • textdoc


  • jeffb

    Dislike. It was a slave plantation and African American activists are upset it was converted into high-end condos.

    • neighbor

      Even if this is true that’s a small part of a long and storied history. Do you want to just knock down all antebellum buildings below the Mason Dixon line? And why is it relevant that it was converted into high end condos?

  • ecklikewhoa

    This does look like a pretty phenomenal change.
    I had been wondering what was going on with that building for a while..
    Haven’t been by there to the finished product.. just seeing the pictures would make you think this was out in Orange County or something.

    • ecklikewhoa

      This block also has one of the last remaining blue “pitch in” trashcans circa ’91


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