Holy Moly UberEATS Looks Legit, Launches Today

by Prince Of Petworth August 25, 2015 at 9:45 am 32 Comments


From an email:

“Starting this Tuesday (8/25), Uber users in downtown DC can order lunch in 10 minutes or less from a curated menu through the Uber app. Skip the line at Bub & Pops or indulge in DGS right from your desk. Using the app, order local favorites Monday – Friday from 11am to 2pm at the tap of a button. To celebrate our launch, we’re offering free delivery for the first week!


It’s as easy as requesting a ride:

Open the Uber app and tap the EATS icon at the top menu bar (only visible when you’re in the coverage area)

Enter your address or move the pin to your location and tap VIEW MENU

Select the number of meals, tap PLACE ORDER, and your driver will be curbside in minutes

For more details about our DC launch visit http://ubereats.com/

Today’s options (and you can see the rest of the week here:

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.28.38 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.28.47 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.29.00 AM


    My office is 2 blocks out of the delivery map. I want to cry.

    • eggs

      You could walk the two blocks and get it from there?? My office is well outside the delivery area so I’d like to live vicariously through someone haha.

    • yoyotan

      walk two blocks to a corner and grab it from the driver? I think you can move your pin around in uber despite where you might actually be

    • SWChris

      Just walk the two blocks to the nearest delivery point, meet the driver and grab the food, then walk back to the office.

      • Mike M.
        • Joe C

          Thank you for posting this before I could.

          Find a janitors closet within the delivery zone and youre good to go!

      • luncher

        If you’re walking two blocks, you may as well just go buy lunch.

  • Near Northeast

    I don’t understand the appeal of a delivery system that’s _that_ limited. Yay, I can order from &pizza! …wait, what do you mean I get exactly one pizza option?

    Seems like there’s about a dozen delivery alternatives that do a better job.

    • +1, of all the food delivery options I’ve seen this might actually be the worst.

      • samanda_bynes

        yeah, plus all of these are around the same area…people really dont want to walk like 5 blocks for food during lunch or something?

        • Cheese & Crackers

          Yeah, I don’t get it. This would be useful in parts of DC (or the suburbs) where you would have to walk half an hour or longer just to get to a lunch place. But not in the middle of the city.

        • Eleven

          People get sick of what is right near them, they might have heard of Rasika (or whatever other restaurant is being featured) but never been able to get there for a nice sit down meal, they might not have time to walk 5 blocks on a particular day (sometimes finding a moment for lunch can be hard!)… there are all kinds of reasons why people might like this service.

          • B

            I was just going to say i think Rasika is probably not a bad deal on here. Even if it is only one item. I’d eat at Rasika all the time if I A) could get ressies (which granted it might not be as hard for lunch) and B) didn’t have to sit down for a whole hour.

            Too bad they don’t deliver the Palak Chaat too. Then that’d be really awesome.

    • Eleven

      My understanding of the concept is that there is a limited menu so that you can get the food in 10 minutes or less, not the 60-90 minutes it usually takes to order delivery from Seamless or Caviar. It is a tradeoff, but when UberEATS is offering the signature items from restaurants, I think this would appeal to a lot of people. For those that want something not offered on the limited menu, go for it with the other delivery services.

    • luncher

      I get the concept but it needs a little more work. They keep costs down and delivery times low by only having a few items. These costs are basically the same as the menu price at the restaurant. Most of these are popular options and probably constitute a pretty high % of these restaurants lunch traffic in any case. If it gets popular and they can get closer to 8 or 10 options I think this will do well.

    • Anon

      I think it is more about highlighting options from different places that can all be split using the share a fare feature. You get convenience of under 10 minute delivery, not terribly expensive (I think the site said one $3 delivery fee for each order, regardless of the meals) and a rotating selection. If you don’t like what is on it one day, just don’t order it. I think it is a neat idea myself, even if it is clearly in the beta stage.

  • Eponymous

    So now I can have a sexual predator delivered to my door?! Great!

  • A

    Anyone know how the food is packaged? Can I order two meals and save one for dinner/tomorrow?

  • LOL I just noticed the description for Buredo’s item. Is this really “Eater DC’s Hottest New Sushi Restaurant”? It’s more like a carry-out than a restaurant, it’s a stretch to call it sushi, nor is it all that good. Seems like an exaggeration in every sense of the description.

    • We’re number 1!

      I likewise cracked up over the Rasika description: “#5 Best Restaurant in DC – Washingtonian” Might want to go with “#1 Best Restaurant in DC – Washington Post”

      • But you have to pay to be ranked in Washingtonian, so it’s much more prestigious.

  • Typical Office Worker

    So it only delivers to the places that already have tons of great lunch options? Come to VA, please!

  • EH

    Just ordered and received my food in like ten minutes. Pretty impressive. It is a limited menu, but fast and easy. I got the Buredo item – well wrapped in recyclable container and paper. Fresh. Two thumbs up :-)

  • Anon

    But it’s Uber, so the meal you ordered at 11:30 still hasn’t shown up at 1 because the driver can’t find your office, so he cancels it.

    • Cheese & Crackers

      Well, if it was a DC cab they’d refuse to give you your food if you’re black, rape you if you’re a woman, and insist that you pay for it with cash.

    • Actual LOL @ this one.

  • Robin

    We just ordered buredo and it was amazingly quick. The driver had separate insulators for the hot and cold items. They must pick up all the items before 11a, then deliver till they run out. Interesting new option.

    • textdoc

      That menu is making me hungry.

  • JoDa

    Jambon, get in my belly! I’ve never been so excited for a Wednesday.

    • textdoc

      That jambon beurre was looking awfully tempting to me too.

  • textdoc

    For people who used UberEats yesterday… how does the pickup process work?
    I have an Uber account but no smartphone. I’m trying to figure out whether I can order and (more importantly) be notified via the regular Uber website.


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