• Linc Park SE

    Um – good? But not as artwork – goid if you melt it down and sell off the metals.

    What IS that? A naked girl talking to a rabbit?!?!

    • The Enabler

      Is bronze worth much? It’s only silver plate, so that’s not going to bring much.

  • ah

    When you have the opportunity to purchase a naked woman in silver talking to a lamb, you can’t *not* buy!

    • wdc

      And at 75% off!!

    • Bric

      We have one vote for rabbit, one for lamb, and I say Goat!

      • Truxton Thomas

        Agree. Total goat.

      • The Enabler

        Def goat

      • textdoc

        I thought it was a fawn.

    • MPinDC

      And I say definitely a lamb!

      • Rich

        I agree

  • SomePeopleOnThisSiteSheesh

    Marked down from $39.00 to $9.00? Yeah I’ll take it. As long as I’m not imagining those decimal points.

  • Maybe if she had longer hair. I’m not into the short hair look.

    • I Dont Get It

      The lamb or the woman?

  • CPer

    How does this place stay in business? I’ve never seen anyone in there, and the prices they advertise in the window are insane!!!

    • 4teenth street

      I’ve purchased several things from these guys. great store. Great fixtures and it’s rare to find quality lampshades in the era of Bed Bath and Beyond. They also do a big online business for non-local designers looking for antique fixtures.

  • gopher

    According to this site, it’s a goat: http://www.sheryls-artdeco.com/bronzes8.html scroll about halfway down to see Bronze Nude Group by D’Aste. If the posting is to be believed, this piece is worth a lot more than $39.

    • wdc

      I think the poster above was joking. It’s $900 (down from $3900.)

  • OffTheAvenue

    PoP: Pleeeeeze make this a caption contest! I’m already laughing about the amazing captions the PoP’ers will have for it!

  • Irving Streete

    They have some truly extraordinary stuff. I bought a beautiful antique Art Nouveau chandelier from them this summer. I smile every time I look at it and especially when I recall the owner saying (while explaining that I was free to take a chandelier home, try it out, and return it to try another as many times as I like) in a stereotypically perfect French accent: “you do not buy a chandelier from us because you need a light. You buy because you are een love weeth eet.” Prices are comparable to on-line offerings of similar merchandise and I expect they do a lot of internet sales. And, for what it’s worth, in a month of searching I never found a piece on line that I thought was “perfect,” but we were walking buy Artisan after copping a slice at Vace and my girlfriend said: “there it is.”

  • Egad

    Their website says that it is a “prancing lamb” –


  • jenster8dc

    I love this store. Never bought anything there, but just the fact of it makes me happy.

  • JPinDC

    Love Artisan. Bought an incredible deco fixture from them on sale…Have also had old fixtures rewired there at a very, very reasonable price. This is the kind of shop that rarely exists anymore. We’re lucky to have them.


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