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  • Green Thumb

    Oh my – I would be so mad!! Starting plants from seed is such a process and they are your little babies. So sorry this happened to you!

    • gardener

      If only the squirrels would respond to such clear reasoning.

      • anon

        Picturing a squirrel carrying off a watermelon …. made me smile, anyway….

        • Sidewalk of Shame

          I’m sure they’ve figured out a way to do it.

          • Formerly of Capitol Hill

            By rolling it? Perhaps a group of them?

          • Sidewalk of Shame

            That’s what I pictured. Or gnawing it into smaller more portable pieces.

  • Petworth

    The writer knows that there are limits to food stamps/SNAP, and that they don’t just get to have everything they want, right?

    • KenyonDweller

      I’m pretty sure you can buy a watermelon with food stamps, which is really the point.

    • Petworth

      I say that because, while I don’t agree with stealing, the dig at those who can’t afford food seems to me to be in such poor taste.

      • KenyonDweller

        I didn’t interpret it as a dig at those who can’t afford food. It was certainly a dig at the thief.

        • jrdc

          The only thing in poor taste is an unripe watermelon

      • Give it a rest. No one goes hungry in DC with a minimal effort. Yes, of course, some children do suffer from poor nutrition due to poor parenting, but anyone with a dime of effort can secure a regular supply of nutritious food.

        • me

          You are so wrong. Educate yourself and step out of your bubble once in awhile.

    • I don’t even think any self respecting thief would go back to read this passive-aggressive attempt at public shaming anyway… Not sure if it accomplishes anything useful more than displaying contempt for people on food stamps. Rich people steal stuff as well, all the time, so do kids that want to throw fruit at things just to be malicious.

      P.S. Most of the people I’ve seen at Farmers markets don’t have nice melons, but that’s another issue altogether.

      • yes but

        Do rich people steel watermelons?

      • reality

        Oh, give it up already.

  • anon

    I assume Petworth means, there is a price limit, which often is not enough for complete, healthy meals, and SNAP users have to supplement SNAP dollars with their own money to have enough food to feed a family.

    • Petworth

      Yup, that’s what I meant.

    • Anon Spock

      Unless the program changed, you get double money st farmers markets, so don’t think that is necessarily true.

      • yes but

        It’s true if you spend all your food stamp money at Georgia and Lamont trading for synthetic weed.

  • What?

    Disagree. Stealing is in “poor taste,” and the sign was far more helpful and polite than I would be. It also seems extremely unlikely that this theft was for food. I think the melons were stolen for the same reason people will smash a car windo for a irty pair of gym socks– because they can, and there is no consequence for doing it.

    • Sidewalk of Shame

      Probably some teenager who thought it would be fun to smash.

    • Sidewalk of Shame

      And this is more than just stealing food. It’s stealing something that someone worked at and waited all summer for. It’s like stealing a sock that someone was almost done knitting. There’s an emotional connection too.

    • yes but

      Two words: booby trap.

  • SomePeopleOnThisSiteSheesh

    Ah yes, a sternly worded letter–certainly the best way to reach someone who steals fruit from gardens.

    • Krampus

      haha. And if that doesn’t work, you can try standing in front of your house asking every passerby, “did you take my watermelon?”

  • Anyone else imagining the rabbit from Winnie the Pooh? Just me?

    • Marco


    • textdoc

      Missed you and Farragut at the happy hour, by the way!

  • andy

    Obviously Jason Statham needed one for each hand to fight off the bad guys as in either Transporter or Transporter 2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QgqyqMhyDQI they must be filming transporter 4 in DC.

    “Transporter 4: Get me the Barack Outta Here.”

  • dcd

    Wait – the sign chastising the watermelon thief was itself stolen? That’s fantastic.

  • Anonymouse

    “If you’re that desperate that you need to steal for food, please familiarize yourself with the food stamp program”
    I love this! This is sooo DC. They need to print this on the license plates instead of taxation without representation.

  • OStreet Neighbor

    I love PoPville but I try so hard to not read the comment threads. Note to self: try harder to not read the comment threads.

    • FridayGirl

      Yeah, this comment thread was not great…

      • SaraEP


      • Jen

        What was so wrong with this one?


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