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4 Car Crash at 14th and Q St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth August 26, 2015 at 7:35 pm 9 Comments


A couple readers report it happened around 7:20pm.

Another reader tweets us at 8pm:

“it is seriously awful. Four cars still in their crash locations, one in a pole.”

Update from AlertDC:

“MPD reports 14th St, NW from P St to R St, NW both directions are closed due to a 4-car vehicle accident / w non-life threatening injuries reported at this time, buses on this route are being diverted around the crash.”


  • JohnH

    That’s one weird arrangement of crashed cars – hard to tell what happened. Not terribly surprising – there’s way too many drivers that have no idea what they are doing in this area.

    • LongtimeResident

      Black SUV and white car smooshed together heading south on 14th had the right-of-way, and the white and black cars heading east on Q ran the light.

      Otherwise, it’d have to be that the two 14th St vehicles were running the light flush with each other, which seems less likely.

      • U Streeter

        I think you’re correct, except – it was only black car on q (which is now in pole) that ran light. It hit black SUV into white car beside it – both had been traveling southbound on 14. Then the black car hit second white car (damage to rear drivers side), which was traveling northbound on 14. Spun that car around. Then the light runner ended up in pole.

        That’s my assessment having spent too much time looking at this picture.

  • figby

    I live near here and see people blow through this light, usually heading south, all the time. Not saying that’s what happened here, but it’s a very intense intersection. Saw one person the other day run the light while checking their phone.

  • Anon

    i saw it after it happened. It was literally awful.

  • Becca

    So here is what happened – I saw the whole thing. A friend and I were walking north on the west side of 14th St. We crossed at Q St., and began to run when we felt the heat of a car and heard the acceleration of an engine fast approaching us. We were confused for a second because we had a walk signal, but of course sped up anyway. Then, a second later, we turned to see a navy blue SUV BARREL through the intersection at 50-60 MPH. The driver crossing 14th St. on Q had a red light, and not one that had recently turned from yellow to red. She hit three cars – the two driving south on 14th St. (black SUV and white sedan) and the one going north on 14th St. (other white sedan). Then she crashed into the pole at the NE corner of the intersection, nearly hitting diners on the outdoor patio at Etto. My friend and I were in complete shock – this looked purposeful! The driver made no attempt to brake or slow down. By some MIRACLE, the three drivers who were struck by the blue SUV looked unharmed, and were able to easily get out of their vehicles. Firefighters had to remove the driver of the blue SUV from her car.

    When we were giving our statement to the cop a few minutes later, we spoke to two other women who were crossing on the east side of Q St., who also narrowly escaped being hit. One of them is a doctor, so she approached the driver of the blue SUV before the firefighters arrived to see if there was anything the woman could do to help. The driver was conscious and told the woman she was pregnant, even though the woman told me she looked far too old to be pregnant. Very odd. It’s possible she had some sort of medical event (stroke or heart attack) or fell asleep at the wheel. Otherwise, this was some sort of suicide mission. If anyone in the Popville community learns more about this accident, please let me know.

    So grateful no one was hurt – it was a close one!

    • DoanDoanDoanN

      I’m so glad everyone is OK. I was nearly struck in a similar accident a few years ago when a driver hit the gas, lost control and hit 3 cars before flying onto the sidewalk mere inches from where I was standing.
      I just wanted to give you a little heads-up since this miiiiiight happen. Every time I heard a car accelerate near me, I would stop in my tracks out of fear. This only lasted a few months.
      I am so glad you and your pal hustled to get across the street. It saved your life from a reckless driver. Who the hell drives that fast in the city?

    • AK

      I had actually just finished eating at Etto with my husband and baby when it happened. My husband and I heard the screeching and crashing but missed how it all went down, until we saw the SUV careen into the pole. We saw the other SUV in the intersection with serious front-end damage but weren’t sure who was at fault. I am curious how it all actually happened, so this was very interesting.

      My husband walked over to the SUV that went into the pole to see if he could help, and he did notice that the woman who hit the pole was an older woman (at leasts in her 50s). She also appeared to start eating a snack a couple minutes of later as we were walking by to go home. Which seemed…odd. So from the comment above, where she claimed to be pregnant even though she was clearly too old, I’m guessing some sort of mental issue occurred, be it from a stroke or otherwise.

  • Manamana

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