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Good Deal or Not? $50 (+tax) for all you can eat oysters and beer from 3-5pm at Black Jack

by Prince Of Petworth — July 15, 2015 at 11:45 am 24 Comments

black Jack

From an email:

“Please join us [1612 14th St, NW] for an afternoon with Tim Devine of Barren Island Oyster Company and Lagunitas Brewing Company. We will have all you can eat oysters and beer along with some signature snacks – po’boys, hot oysters and more! Don’t wait! Tickets are limited and going fast!”

  • That Man A

    unless they are ALL super expensive oysters id say bad deal
    and even if they were…
    you would have to pretty much eat 50 oysters to match some oyster happy hours out there
    bad deal

  • ShawShank

    Yeah, bad or merely average deal given the two hour time restraint. Maybe if it were longer…

  • Eckingtonian

    Get sick or die trying…

  • carlosthedwarf

    It’s almost like they want their customers to vomit…

  • AdMoGuy

    Cheaper than Hank’s Oysterfest. Good deal if the selection of oysters is good. Most oysters offered at happy hour are the smallest and cheapest ones.

    • ASLL

      Hank’s Oysterfest isn’t a 2 hour window.

  • wdc

    All the oysters I can eat = about six, maybe eight.

    All the beer I can drink = about two, maaaaaaybe three.

    Is $50 a good price for 6-8 oysters and 2-3 beers?

    • DRC

      Sure it may not be a good deal for a 110 lb female, but this seems like a great deal to me.

      Oysters are tiny and hardly filling. I could see going through 1.5-2 dozen. Plus a beer every 20 minutes or so? Yeah, 20 oysters and 6 beers is definitely worth it, especially with how expensive oysters are every time I try them.

      • Vermonster

        Not sure how big you are, but you must be a World’s Strongest Man competitor if you think you’re pushing past the hordes of all-you-can-drinkers to get served 6 beers in 2 hours.

      • sproc

        Agree, I could totally make dinner out of this and get my money’s worth without turning it into a competitive contest. Not a good deal for many people, though.

  • I love Barren Island oysters, but the quality of this deal really depends on how quickly they can deliver them to you (or you can get them, depending on the setup). I can easily down 3-5 dozen in 2 hours, but if I’m waiting 15 minutes in between orders then it starts to be a diminishing prospect.

    • CBASSinLogan

      This. Probably not a good deal in any case for people who can’t down oysters and beer at a rapid clip. For those who can (and enjoy doing so), the qualify of the deal depends entirely on the restaurant’s ability to actually deliver “all you can eat.”

  • Ben

    Ever since I discovered $1 anytime oysters at the bar in Whole Foods I’ve never gone back 🙂

    • Ben

      *Back to paying the $2~3 you see listed almost anywhere else.

      • andy2

        oooh – Saturday may be an oyster and appetizer dinner.
        Can’t wait for some Wellfleet oysters in 8 days – and again 3 weeks after that – then the real gold Dabob oysters when home in Seattle in September!

  • AnonV2

    Save up your pennies and get an Oyster Riot ticket instead, As insanely overpriced as that event has become it’s still miles above this in value for your dollar.

    • Oyster Riot is the best thing ever – and in no way insanely overpriced! Yes, expensive, but $140.00 includes all the oysters, wine, beer and tons of appetizers for 4+ hours, plus a great band (and price includes tax and tip, so really comparable to a $110.00 dinner. Also there is no where you will ever find so many varieties of oysters to taste – usually at least 30 different varieties.

  • Becca

    I would imagine for 90% of the population, that this is not a very good deal. Decent happy hour beers can be had many places for 4-5 per, and unless you have a drinking problem (I’m sorry, but 3 beers an hour for a couple of hours is pretty excessive), then you aren”t goin g to get your moneys worth.

    On top of the fact that these things get so oversold that it is logistically impossible for you to get your fill of anything within the time alloted. You ask for another order of oysters and it takes 20 minutes to come out, or spend 10 minutes waiting on your drink.

    • Accountering

      I really appreciate you judging people for choosing to partake in 6 beers in 2 hours. Yes, I do this sometimes. No, I do not have a drinking problem.

      • textdoc

        NIH defines “heavy drinking” as “5 or more standard drinks within a two-hour period for men (4 or more for women)” and “binge drinking” as a pattern of drinking at this rate.

  • The OP Anon

    This is a good way to ruin your love of oysters. I’m fine with a dozen. Any more than that and it just starts getting gross.

  • TJ

    The answer is evident in the name of the event: Shuck and Chug.

  • Sw dc

    You can get 100 oysters from the Warf for like $40…more than you’ll want to eat.

  • Would be a good deal (for me) if they were serving more than 1 type of oyster. If I’m going to throw back a couple dozen, I need a little variety to break up the oyster monotony.


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