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Alfa Piehouse, “Greece’s Leading Pastry Company”, Opens First DC Cafe

1750 H St, NW via google street view

From a press release:

“Alfa Piehouse brings the best of traditional Greek cuisine and specialties to Washington D.C this summer with the launch of its first-ever café on July 27th, located at 1750 H Street NW. Made of the purest organic Greek ingredients, the 21-seat Piehouse offers a variety of savory and sweet Greek pies (or pastries), healthy salads, delicious sandwiches, a Greek yogurt bar, desserts and coffee, and even vegetarian and vegan/non-dairy options, ideal for any occasion or time of day, including breakfast, lunch, or for a snack.

Alfa Piehouse was born of a collaboration between Alfa, Greece’s leading pastry maker, and Argiro Barbarigou, Greece’s top celebrity chef, restaurateur, and award-winning cookbook author. Both pride themselves on the integrity and quality of traditional Greek cooking, and their desire to share this with the world.

“I am ready and honored to carry ‘the Olympic torch’ of Greek cuisine on behalf of my beloved country, to share the spirit of Greece that inspires and transcends,” says Argiro Barbarigou.

BREAKFAST offers a range of items including:
– Traditional Feta Cheese Pie ($6.50) made with thin fyllo layers stuffed with authentic Greek feta cheese with Kalamata extra virgin olive oil;
– Alfa Café American Breakfast ($6.75) served with puff pastry, free-range eggs, bacon, Gruyere cheese and chives;
– Bougatsa Pie Vegetarian – Non Diary ($6.75) made with custard, crunchy fyllo layers, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon;
– The must-try Greek iced coffee, espresso or cappuccino Freddo ($3.25 and up), whips the coffee to a frothy perfection.

For LUNCH or SNACK, guests can choose from the full menu of pies, salads and sandwiches. Examples include:

– The uber-healthy Superfood Salad ($10.95) made with mixed spring leaves, avocado, with flax seeds, pomegranate, orange filets, quinoa, wild rice, barley, almonds, black beans, beluga lentils in citrus vinaigrette, and extra virgin Kalamata olive oil;
– The unique spiral-shaped Kihi Pies – ($6.75 and up) stuffed with authentic Greek feta cheese and a choice of spinach or Kalamata olive paste and Kalamata extra virgin olive oil, this is the traditional pie of Kozani where Alfa is located;
– Traditional Country Spinach Pie ($6.50), made with spinach, wild greens, herbs, authentic Greek feta cheese with Kalamata extra virgin olive oil;
– The non-dairy Crete Pie Vegetarian ($6.50), a Double Roll with thin crunchy fyllo, stuffed with a selection of leeks, wild greens and herbs with Kalamata extra virgin olive oil;
– Manouri Koulouri Sandwich ($7.25), Spiral shaped Greek sesame encrusted bread, brushed with extra virgin olive oil and stuffed with grilled vegetables, Santorini dried tomatoes, manouri cheese, basil and mint sauce.

– Classic Baklava ($6.00) with pistachios, walnuts and crispy, syrup thin in fyllo layers;
– Non-Dairy Double Pumpkin Roll ($5.25) made with pumpkin custard and crispy fyllo sprinkled with cinnamon sugar;
– Chocolate Cake ($4.95) made with chocolate, Kalamata extra virgin olive oil and hazelnuts drizzled with chocolate honey glaze.

Pies are traditional Greek pastries with a history dating back thousands of years as Plato himself mentioned them in his writings. Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Alfa Piehouse bases their culinary philosophy on these teachings, ensuring quality, taste and the nutritional value of all its offerings. Piehouse uses pure Greek olive oil, real feta cheese, fresh herbs, greens and vegetables, all from its native Greece and from trusted farmers and sources. No preservatives or processed ingredients, just natural, nutritious, food for the body and soul.

Alfa Piehouse is located at 1750 H Street NW Washington, DC, 20006, and is open Monday through Friday from 6am – 6pm.”


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