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Inside Look - Distillery

From an email:

“What is Joseph A. Magnus & Co?

Joseph Magnus was one of the most successful pre-prohibition distillers of bourbon and other spirits. His great-grandson, Jimmy Turner, is in the final stages of bringing Joseph Magnus pre-prohibition heritage here to DC.

Joseph A. Magnus & Co will be DC’s first true bourbon distillery and the largest distillery in the District, the photo (above) is a sneak peek of the Magnus Distillery 3000L and 450L stills.

Why did you decide to start the distillery?

Jimmy Turner, Joseph Magnus’ great grandson, has been on a journey to restart the Magnus stills and bring back Joseph Magnus pre-prohibition heritage and the uniqueness and quality of his products.

To accomplish this goal, the great-grandson assembled a “Whiskey Dream Team” of business and spirits experts, including:

· Dave Scheurich, Woodford Reserve Distiller and Whiskey Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
· Nancy “the Nose” Fraley, Director of Research for American Distilling Institute and the nation’s top whiskey blender
· Richard Wolf, former Chairman of the Kentucky Distillers Association and VP General Manager at Buffalo Trace which has a number of great brands including Pappy Van Winkle
· Brett Thompson, CEO of Pork Barrel BBQ, a successful DC start-up, and Shark Tank participant.

Address is 2052 West Virginia Ave NE in Ivy City.


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