Shootings in Columbia Heights and Capitol Hill Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth May 1, 2015 at 8:49 am 18 Comments

From MPD:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting that occurred in the 1300 block of Harvard St NW.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.”

@alanhenney tweeted:

“U/D SHOOTING, 13th and Harvard Sts NW, DC. Victim is a 22yr-old man shot in chest in CARDIAC ARREST, probable fatal. No suspect info yet.”

@dcalerts tweeted:

“Shooting at 2345 hours in the 700 b/o 12th Street, SE. POSSIBLE lookout is for a B/M last seen wearing a red shirt under a black jacket”

a reader tweeted @PoPville:

“Ummmmmm….Did anyone else near Marine Barracks hear what sounded like gunshots??? @PoPville Sounded like about 10 to 14 shots.”

Update from the HillEast listserv:

“The shooting happened at 12th and K, around 11:30. There was a burst of small-caliber gunfire, followed by some larger-caliber (presumably) return fire. We looked out the window and saw one man running towards Hopkins and two others moving up 12th, towards I. This was the victim and another man. The victim was being dragged and looked very badly hurt. We called 911 and the police and ambulance were there in a few minutes. A small amount of blood and shell casings on the sidewalk are the only other things we saw. We were really hoping the victim was going to be OK (the police wouldn’t say), but it sounds like he was not.

The high number of shots was disconcerting – everyone on 12th St between I and K should check their cars and homes for stray holes. The police were fast, very professional, and very thorough from what I could tell. Mostly, we’re just pissed off that this happened at all in our neighborhood. I have yet to meet an unfriendly or aggressive person on our block, and we are outside everyday. This is such a stupid, pointless act, and so very sad.

We will be contacting the city about a brighter/better streetlight at the corner of 12th and K, and trimming back the large tree on the corner/putting in our own yard lights. All together, the lack of those things makes that corner very dark and, clearly, unsafe.

Thanks to the MPD to coming right away, though, and doing a good job in a very unpleasant situation. Our thoughts are with the family of the young man who was shot, and if anyone has more information I urge them to call MPD and report it.”

  • Anonynon

    it sounded like a war zone out there at around 1-1:30 last night. I woke up and heard a mass amount of police cars…not sure if it was related to this incident

  • Anon

    Does anyone know if this CoHi violence is gang-related, between people who know each other, or is totally random?

    • Krampus

      I think it’s very unlikely that it’s totally random.

  • Anon , A Mouse

    I’m on the hill and heard what sounded like gunfire, but discounted it because of the number of shots. Sounded like someone was really letting loose with 8 or so quick and then rounding it out with a final shot or three.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the gun fire is mostly gangs. The random robberies of innocent people seem to rarely result in actual shooting victims.

    The problem is that it’s when innocent victims start getting shot by stray gunfire. I recall a few years ago – maybe 5- when a criminal on a bike tried to shoot someone on the sidewalk and missed – he ended up hitting a woman on her way to work at the Dunkin Donuts on 14th. She was killed.

    I’m guessing police won’t do anything – sadly – until an innocent person living in a million dollar house is shot and killed. There just isn’t much outrage from anyone – police, elected officials and even us who read popville – until someone we consider innocent is killed. Let’s just be honest about this.

    • sproc

      Outrage accomplishes nothing unless it results in a rational plan of action. What do you suggest?

  • Anonymous

    And yet all we hear from Councilmember Brianne Nadeau is we need more affordable housing in Columbia Heights. It’s already the most dense concentration of public/affordable housing in DC. And listen, I’m not saying there is a correlation between crime and affordable housing. I’m just saying that’s all she talks about and is silent on crime. It’d be nice for some leadership on the issue.

    • textdoc

      Did “Thought” forget to sign in?

      • msus

        Thought=Jim Graham. Has to be.

      • Anonymous

        This is not “Thought”. I’m a resident of Columbia Heights and this is a valid concern of mine. I recall the vitriolic attack on Nadeau earlier this week in regard to violent crime. It was not appropriate although I feel his/her frustration. I’d like to think my comment was professional and not antagonistic. I didn’t call names or spew hatred. From my experience, she is very out front on affordable housing yet not on crime. We need her help and leadership. All the people I talk to agree. So where is she?

        • textdoc

          Sorry — I was just joking, as “Thought” is a one-trick pony who (almost) never posts about anything but Brianne Nadeau.

    • Egad

      I agree, actually. Where is Nadeau’s response to these types of events? Is she publishing them somewhere that I don’t know about? Graham used to be active on the Columbia Heights Yahoo Blog but I haven’t seen Nadeau respond anywhere. I know that there was a lot of excitement about her but she seems to have faded into the woodwork. Columbia Heights may not be as cool as U St but it would be nice to know if Nadeau is aware of the types of crimes that are happening in her Ward.

    • DRC

      Two murders have occurred in/around the public housing between Columbia and Harvard and 13th/14th in the last few months. That’s enough of a correlation for me.

      • JS

        Columbia Heights Village isn’t public housing. It’s very low-income restricted, but it’s not owned by DCHA.

    • John

      “I’m not saying there is a correlation between crime and affordable housing.”

      I think there’s a pretty clear correlation. The shootings in the U St/Dupont areas in recent years have all been near 13th and T, 1400 block of R, and 14th and Riggs. All those places have low income housing.

  • I. Rex

    that corner of 12 and K at night and in particular the triangle park off of Potomac at night needs better lighting at night. And they need to remove the two consecutive speed bumps on potomac in front of the park. My spidey sense definitely tingles at night there.

    • Anonymous

      No, those two speed bumps need to stay there. It is a necessary safety measure since people were driving like maniacs to make the light and endangering the elementary school kids, not to mention any other pedestrians. If you are uncomfortable driving over them at night there are alternative roads. I completely agree about the better lighting on all accounts.

  • Park Viewer

    Even if the gunfire is isolated to gangs/drugs, it’s still a problem. Look at Baltimore. Unacceptable for so much gun violence regardless of who the shooter wanted to kill.


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