Shooting Just Before 10pm in the 1200 block of North Capitol St, NW; Reader Report Shots Fired in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2015 at 8:55 am 11 Comments

From @DCPoliceDept:

“1D Shooting- 1200 blk N.Capitol St NW, 2152 hrs. No lookout/”

Ed. Note: On Sunday morning there was a Shooting Homicide in the 1800 block of North Capitol St, NE.

Also on twitter a couple readers tweet @PoPville around 11pm:

“Gunfire in Columbia Heights? Sounded like 6 or 7 shots near 11 and Girard. Or I don’t know what gunfire sounds like.”

  • Barijho

    I live on Harvard and Sherman and also heard popping noises at around 11pm. I don’t think it was gunfire but then again, i don’t know what gunfire would sound. I assumed it was fireworks.

    • Shermie

      Hey neighbor! I also live at Harvard and Sherman. I head 4 distinct shots, then a 10 second break, then two more. Let me tell you, that is what gunfire sounds like. Used to be way more common on our block. Right when the apartment building on Sherman and Columbia opened there was an uptick in violence (drive by, followed by a revenge killing). Also a year before that there was a triple shooting on Sherman right above Columbia (a high school student from Banneker died, if I recall).
      So yeah, those are gunshots. You can tell by the spacing. Firecrackers are more regular. When you hear a a break and then a fast resume (like, faster than you can light the fuse on a new firework) you are hearing shots and then return fire.

      • Barijho

        Ok, good to know!

  • LANY

    Yeah i heard something around that time and a TON of police cars shortly after. It was in the distance but i think I’m starting to know what gun shots sounds like.

  • there were possibly some shots fired in Bloomingdale about 10:15 pm last night. It could have been firecrackers, though. 3 or 4 distinct “pop, pop, pop”s not really loud. No one running or shouting when or after it happened. Bunch of cops came, looked around for a bit, canvassed for shell casings, but didn’t find anything.

    • eastof9

      Yes, there were shots in Bloomingdale last night too.

  • Q

    A little before 8:30am today, lots of police officers, at least four fire trucks, several other vehicles converged on 14th between Irving and Columbia. But they started dispersing after just 20ish minutes and, remarkably, didn’t choke traffic that much.

  • Charles

    The North Capitol shooting was about a dozen shots in quick succession. A helicopter was circling overhead within minutes.

  • allison

    does anyone know the long term plan for Taylor House and Sursum Corda?

    • Mona

      Good question, I see some renovation happening at Taylor House, I am not sure if it inhabited during the renovation…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what the deal was around Peluca Alley last night (between Clifton and Chapin)? We saw a helicopter circling with it’s spotlight pointed at the alley around 9:15/9:30pm, and heard there were cops interviewing folks, but didn’t see or hear what happened….


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