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  1. Reverse side of the bikeshare fob should have an ID# on it – perhaps you could call bikeshare with the # and they could alert the owner.

  2. Yes, this is correct. I found someone’s keys on the sidewalk and there was a bikeshare fob on the chain. I called bikeshare customer service, gave them the membership number on the fob and my contact details, they contacted the owner and gave him my contact details. The owner of the lost keys / fob then contacted me and, voila, keys returned to rightful owner.

  3. Dude that cabbie sounds like a bit of a prick. It’s like throwing a wallet at someone stepping off a bus because he/she found a smartrip card in it.

  4. Agree. My first thought was what an aggressive move that was.

  5. Agreed — what a jerk.

  6. This is why I don’t take cabs anymore. They don’t even try to be nice.


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