Washington, DC

pain sculpture

“Dear PoPville,

I just had a rather unbelievable experience while I was out running errands in Columbia Heights. I live in a building immediately above the CH metro and am quite used to the large groups of people that gather on this corner. Today, however, as I was walking home from Giant and waiting in front of the CVS to cross 14th, a drunk man walked up next to me carrying a 40 and began screaming “F this, F that”. This is a pretty typical experience so I just stood there silently waiting for the light to change. He then got even closer to me (about 2-3 feet away) and started screaming that he was going to stab me with his knife.

I did a quick survey and saw 4 police officers on bicycles standing in front of Panera. Thank goodness! I thought. I booked it across the street to give them a heads up that this man was threatening to stab me. I was waving my arms and yelling “Excuse me officers!” All four officers looked at me and then got onto their bicycles and rode off.

I have absolutely no idea whether to report this incident or not. And I also have no idea who I would even report it to. I don’t think it is too much to ask for a group of officers to acknowledge you when you are running towards them and screaming to get their attention.

If nothing else, let this be a warning that there is a man hanging out by the metro in a baggy red t-shirt threatening to stab people.”


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