Washington, DC


Thanks to a reader for sending – I needed this today.

From Craigslist:

“This ottoman has character. Just look at it. Charisma even. in its day it was the best ottoman ever. Then you have kids who turn in to teens and they destroy everything in your house and your soul. They broke the ottoman but only the top. He cracked a little under the pressure. I tried to fix him. I used bungee cords #dontjudge. It works. Some people who you gave life to make fun of the ottoman now and call it names. Then they have friends that come over and laugh at the ottoman and its inability to be a true ottoman. He doesn’t deserve this! Please take him. Fix him if you can. Just don’t let the millennial tease him any more.

I’m keeping the bungees though they cost me $3.98.”


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