Washington, DC


A reader reports:

“There was another accident at Kansas Ave and Quincy St this morning. This is the same intersection that residents of the neighborhood have been asking Mayor Bowser and DDOT for a stop sign for over two years. It’s very dangerous not only cars, but perhaps more so pedestrians. A year ago there was a petition that gathered a significant amount of signatures asking for a stop sign Kansas/Quincy and 13th/Quincy. Ultimately, DDOT only put a stop sign at 13th St. Since then, people cross at Kansas Ave and Quincy at their own risk. Nearly every day there are “close calls” between pedestrians and automobiles. The sounds of screeching brakes and horns is constant. Yet DDOT has does nothing. Quincy is the main street that leads to the metro as well as the Raymond Rec Center. It’s a shame DDOT has done nothing because eventually someone is going to be seriously injured. The last reply we received from DDOT stated that the accident data and traffic flow study did not warrant a stop sign. They went on to say that we were “one accident short” of the needed number to warrant a stop sign. Maybe this accident will solidify the need.”


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