Washington, DC

3200 Mt. Pleasant St, NW

Ed. Note: The Mount Pleasant Farmers Market (arguably one of the best in the District) is scheduled to run from April 4, 2015 – Dec 19, 2015.

From this morning’s rant/revel:

“Rant: Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s market may be denied permits this year. Please go to the ANC meeting to support them on Tuesday, in particular if you are in the SMD of one of one the three commissioners currently opposing the permit.”

Another reader comments:

“These three ANC members are being ridiculous – the ANC has routinely provided letters of support to DPR for events in the park without requiring the requester come before the ANC to explain how the event will work.

From what I read on the ANC 1D google group, these ANC members support the farmers market but are still requiring the market manager come to the ANC meeting before they provide the letter of support to DPR.
I’ve written to my ANC commissioner about this – one of the three – and no surprise, but he hasn’t responded.”


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