Washington, DC

A reader reports last night:

“At 6:25 p.m. I came out of my house on the 5200 block of 14th St NW and turned north. I noticed a kid on the ground a few houses down and another kid turn and run away (turned east down Ingraham in direction of 13th Street). At first it appeared like kids rough playing but as I got closer and asked if he was okay, I quickly realized he had been assaulted and robbed. In fact he was pistol whipped right along the side walk of 14th Street in rush hour and next to the Ingraham bus stop. He seemed like a really good kid, just 15 years old. His phone, wallet and shoes were stolen but he remained composed. The police and EMS came, cleaned him up and took him away. An hour later police returned to photograph the crime scene. I hope he is okay. Just a reminder to be vigilant regardless of time of day or neighborhood.”


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