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Grand Trunk now hiring – 24 hour ‘South Asian American Fast Food’ coming soon, for real now, in Penn Quarter (plus expansion already planned)

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2014 at 11:11 am 1 Comment

641 Indiana Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for the heads up about Grand Trunk now hiring. I was optimistic last month and even more so when I spotted the new signage above and the reader saw the posting for jobs:


Lots of details from craigslist:


Hospitality has always been a core value for South Asian civilizations and our corporate culture is rooted in centuries of tradition. At Grand Trunk, our staff works together as a family unit, and we treat every guest as an extension of this family. Providing impeccable, world class service and raising the bar at every level is required of all our employees as we are committed to setting new standards in the industry. We seek charismatic, always positive individuals to join our team. Please understand that our application process is rigorous, and that we are only able to accept a small percentage of applicants. Extensive past experience is not always required, as we offer training in order to maintain the best team in the city for our respective positions. If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of the GT family then we encourage you to apply today!

As a company with significant expansion plans, Grand Trunk accepts applications for all employee positions year round.

Grand Trunk is an Equal Opportunity Employer and celebrating diversity is at the core of our corporate culture.

Please send résumés and employment opportunity inquiries by replying above.


Tandoori naan breads are believed by many to have been first introduced in some of the world’s earliest known human civilizations, Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, located in modern day Pakistan. For over 5000 years the tandoor oven has served as the heart of every great South Asian kitchen. Grand Trunk seeks to write the next chapter in tandoor cooking by introducing innovative new naan recipes derived from a number of international influences. We aspire to excel as a world leader in serving the highest quality naan and specialty naan entreés and in order to do so we require excellent tandoor chefs. Like all great culinary artists, the Grand Trunk tandoor chef is required to have that special touch to assure every naan bread is handmade and prepared to specification. For our leading naan chef positions we seek experts that have many years of experience.

Tandoor Chef Responsibilities Include

• Preparing all naan bread including Grand Trunk Specialty Naan Bread Entrées and tikkas in
gas powered tandoor ovens

• Using signature GT fresh ingredients and spices to marinate meats

• Working at speed in high heat environments for extended periods of time

• Being able to easily multitask and communicate with customers in the Grand Trunk Naan Bar

• Refilling drinks at the Naan Bar

• Working at other stations such as the griddle or grill when called upon by leadership

• Training multiple cooks on naan and tikka preparation methods in accordance to Grand Trunk
recipes and company guidelines

• Studying the art of South Asian cooking in personal time and working with the Executive
Chef and Sous Chefs to develop iconic new specialty naan breads to be served at Grand
Trunk restaurants

Expectations of ALL Grand Trunk Employees

• Complete understanding of our policy that the customer always comes first

• Strong leadership and communication skills

• Eagerness to follow directions closely and enthusiasm in implementing decisions made by
senior staff at a moment’s notice

• An ability to consistently work in a fast paced environment for extended periods of time

• Following all food safety protocols as required both by Grand Trunk’s company policies and
applicable laws

• A desire to always provide world class service, and a willingness to go above and beyond the
call of duty to assure Grand Trunk maintains the highest standards for quality

• Proficiency in the use of computer technology used by our point of sale and kitchen display

• Consistent punctuality

• Memorization of the entire menu and prices on one’s own time

• Being prepared and scoring well on any written examinations that test knowledge of
company’s business practices, menu items, and workplace requirements

• Carrying and lifting items between 25 pounds and 50 pounds frequently including but not
limited to food products and food packaging, while also standing and working for hours in hot
(above 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and cold temperature (below 0 degrees Fahrenheit)
environments both indoors and outdoors, where bending, stooping kneeling may all be

• Complete knowledge of the risks associated of working in restaurant environments including
the possibilities of being inflicted minor injuries including but not limited to burns, cuts and
physical fatigue

• Being able to walk up and down staircases frequently, often carrying food items, with caution

• Strict adherence to Grand Trunk uniform clothing guidelines, grooming, and hygiene standards

• Understanding that dress code prohibits staff from displaying tattoos or any other form of
body art such as excessive piercing, or bright and vivid hair coloring

• Never being distracted by the higher volumes produced by music, food preparation,
communication amongst and between our guests and staff, and by our kitchen equipment

• May be required to work nights, weekends, and/or holidays

• English language proficiency or a willingness to learn and perfect communication skills

• Always being a team player

• Handling multiple tasks simultaneously with ease and efficiency

• Demonstrating problem solving and organizational skills, with an attention to detail

• Maintaining a positive attitude and commitment to excellence even under pressure

• Participation in all Grand Trunk group activities as requested by senior management including
but not limited to offsite catering, GT-Spirit, and LiveGRAND Experiences

• Following company cooking and serving instructions at 100 % proficiency and consistency

• Maintaining an impeccably clean restaurant at all times, and handling all cleaning
responsibilities as designated by Grand Trunk senior management

• Serving as a proud representative of Grand Trunk, being always ready to share the core
values of our company with others

• Taking an active role in social media to help promote and highlight what is best about the
Grand Trunk brand

• Understanding that being a part of the world’s best restaurant team comes with a number of
inherent responsibilities, all of which can simply not be listed, and that there will be an
unwavering expectation of excellence at all times”


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