Has Anyone Ever Considered a Dirtbike/ATV Buy Back Program?

by Prince Of Petworth November 20, 2014 at 2:30 pm 46 Comments

Dirt bike accident on H Street, NE in September

“Dear PoPville,

We live in D.C. and are familiar with the dirt bike issue (hear them occasionally, see them even less often) but the posts (and logic: people driving recklessly at times and the lack of any credible or effective deterrent capacity) make me think it’s not a safe situation (duh). This makes me wonder: has anyone, to your knowledge, suggested or even considered a buy-back program (coupled with a delay before possession becomes illegal), as some communities do with guns? (The buy-back part, that is.)

I can think of ways in which this might be somewhat tricky to set up: the buy-back payment would have to be relatively fair (not so low it constitutes a taking, though “Fine, go sell your dirt bike in a nearby state” would be a natural reply; not so high it encourages people to buy dirt bikes and sell them to the city), there would probably need to be a per-person cap (to avoid the “encourage people to buy lots of dirt bikes each and sell them straight to the city for a profit” problem), and you’d need to have enough of a delay to provide fair warning to dirt bike owners but not so much that people can stock up on them to make money from the city.

It just seems like there either need to be enforceable laws governing dirt-bike riding, or there can’t be dirt bikes on city streets. And I’m wondering if this kind of solution has occurred to anyone else (or if there are problems with it which I haven’t considered). Thoughts?”


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