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  1. not sure what this accomplishes, seems silly and selfish of the people involved to disturb the people who actually live in the neighborhood

  2. Let’s first address inequality and bigotry! And the establishment that makes the rich get richer and the poor resort to guns and violence? Yes justice, no guns!

  3. This isn’t doing anything productive towards doing those things

  4. Arrest them, this is not a peaceful protest. You do not have the right to disrupt traffic. Please also explain what you are protesting. I’m genuinely curious

  5. Is a permit required for this? If so, was one filled out?


  6. Over the past 5 days since the protest started there has been atleast 4 homicides of AA in dc but not one even notices because they are too busy laying in the street over something that happened across the country. Does that make sense?


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