Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

Question – is there anything PoP readers think we can/should do about this? In front of our house this morning, a car pulled up, man and woman in a heated argument, windows down, car moving forward, then stopping, blocking the road. At one point the man got out and the woman tried to drive away. The man managed to get back in while the car was moving. An elderly neighbor and I happened to be outside observing the whole thing, wondering what if anything to do. The car stopped again a couple of car lengths away, and the guy yelled at the woman “If some f*cking old lady [presumably our neighbor] calls the police, I’m going to punish you.” In the moment I wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t have the presence of mind to get a license plate…and not even sure if it’s something I could/should have called the police about anyway. Except for that last comment… I’m just left feeling very unsettled. Thoughts/comments/suggestions appreciated.”


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