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@cafedarkness tweets us the photo above:

“@PoPville reported stabbing just now at Irving and 11th. 11th blocked from at Kenyon”

@DCLiterate tweets us the photo below:


@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“stabbing 11th & Irving St Lookout: H/M, 16yo, black hat/pants, white shirt, black/white shoes.”

Updates when/if more info is known.


“A suspect was arrested early this morning in reference to the stabbing that occurred yesterday.”

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  1. That’s horrible – I can’t believe it happened in broad daylight. I hope the victim is ok.

  2. Did the suspect flee to Mt. P because there was a large police present shortly after?

  3. geez. i walked by there maybe 5-10 minutes before the incident and didn’t notice anything going on. anyone know more? like was it a mugging or an argument or a domestic assault or something else?

  4. I biked by shortly after it happened. Victim appeared to be a male and I heard there was a fight.

  5. DC needs to do something about the crime in this area. It’s literally non-stop.

  6. if only there was a process for that.

  7. Seems like the perpetrators are always teenagers without consciences. Seriously, seems like some of these kids are merciless.

  8. I’d be interested in hearing more about how you know this.

  9. not really

  10. “DC needs to do something about the crime in this area. It’s literally non-stop.”

    Oh please. “Literally non-stop” would mean there is street crime 24/7 around 11th & Irving and that is demonstrably false. How about chilling with the hyperbole? (And learn the meaning of the word “literally”)

    I’ve been walking around Columbia Heights day and night for 10+ years. I’ve never been mugged. I’m not naive. I know there is crime but seriously, it not that bad.

  11. I lived in that area for about 5 years. Never got mugged either. But I never felt 100% safe either, day or night time.

  12. It’s called living in the city. Shit like this tends to happen, depending on the area, everyday especially in heavily dense populated areas. If you think DC is bad take a visit to Brooklyn, Philly, Baltimore, Chicago, LA, New orleans, etc

  13. I really hate “it’s called living in the city.” I want to live in a the city and be safe. Why are these mutually exclusive? Is it too difficult to ask for safety?

  14. Dc fire & EMS are so shitty! Poor boy was laying there waiting for an ambulance for over 30 minutes with a severe stab wound. DC has to do better when resounding to emergencies. Leave it up to the police they’ll let you die

  15. That’s not true. My partner and I are the ones who were on scene first and held pressure against his TWO stab wounds. Cops were there in like 9 minutes maybe. Let’s tell it like it is folks.

  16. You’re on your own in this city. I just read in Mark Leibovich’s “This Town” that Richard Holbrooke (a very famous Democratic foreign policy expert/diplomat) had to wait 15 minutes after having a heart emergency in then-Secretary Clinton’s office. Yep- the guy (ultimately diagnosed with a torn) was clearly in trouble, but DC EMS took a freaking 15 minutes to get to the State Department. That spoke volumes to me- If a guy like Holbrooke has to wait that long, everyone else is screwed, too. We live here at our own risk- let’s hope we never need emergency services for a problem that requires immediate attention.

  17. EMS was probably there in under 5 minutes, and the rest of the time was spent getting through security and getting lost in the building.

  18. POP – I’m new to this area. How can I learn more details about the nature of this incident? Was it random? Did the victim really have to wait 30 mins? Why didn’t someone put him in a taxi and send him off to an ER?

  19. No he didn’t have to wait. It was like 8 or 9 mins. I have the proof from when I called 911. I’m a tourist. My partner and I jumped out of the cab to help him. He had 2 stab wounds. Chest and belly. Some intestine showing. Pretty graphic but he was ok by the time the police relieved us.

  20. I was wondering what happened here. Walked by dog by this around 6:15 last night and there were cops EVERYWHERE – in uniform and plain clothes I saw one cop basically interrogating a small group of kids over towards Sherman, looked like some of them were wearing school uniforms. Wonder if it’s kids from Cardozo??

  21. I guess a knife is better than a gun, right? Less danger to bystanders. I was walking up 14th once, midafternoon on a Saturday near the Dance Institute, and a man pulled a 10-inch knife out of his backpack and brandished it at two other guys (it appeared to be a beef rather than a mugging– they knew each other, I think).
    Rather than freaking out and diving for cover, I crossed the street.

  22. Let me guess the perps race

  23. It’s hispanic you racist asshole.

    Ed. Note: I allow myself one response like this a year. Please indulge me.


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