Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Thundercheese

Graffiti removal from a neighbor’s property:

“I live in Dupont Circle, near a small market that’s part of a large rowhouse that also contains a few apartments or condos. There is some ugly graffiti (not graffiti art) on the side of the building. It’s not profane, but it is ugly and large, with the word “Voyer” (sic, assuming that’s supposed to be “voyeur,” although I’ve seen it elsewhere, so perhaps that’s someone’s name or tag) written repeatedly–that’s it. A few months ago, someone crossed out the previous “voyer” word and then spray painted the same word, again, this time in blue.

This graffiti is the first thing we and our neighbors see on the street–it’s impossible to miss. My question is, as neighbors, is there anything we can do to compel the owner or owners of the building or the city to erase this ugliness? I see that the city will help remove graffiti (http://dpw.dc.gov/service/graffiti-removal), but it seems like the owner has to request it.”

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