Washington, DC

From MPD:

“At approximately 9:20 pm tonight [Friday], Third District Units observed several ATV’s operating recklessly in the area of 14th & U Street NW. At that time, the Scooter Tactical Unit was deployed to the location to monitor and assess the situation. They were advised that the group had moved up at the Crown Gas Station located at 908 Florida Ave NW. The Scooter Tactical Unit responded and was able to successfully apprehend one individual operating an ATV without incident. Additionally, after fleeing, a second individual bailed off a dirt bike at 9th & T St NW. The members were able to recover that dirt bike for evidence as well. NOTE: the use of ATV’s and Dirt Bikes recklessly on our streets will not be tolerated and we encourage all citizens to alert police when the observe the usage or storage of these vehicles. Thank you”

Ed. Note: A marked change in messaging from what we’ve previously heard.

Another reader emails around 8:30pm last night “dirt bikes jousting with cars”:

“Just driving home eastbound on M between 1st NW and North Capitol. About a dozen dirt bikes there driving the wrong way down all three lanes, literally charging straight at oncoming cars. Had to keep screeching to a halt. Then they’d go off to the side and wait for another car to come along and charge at it. Only about half of them had lights — really scary! Why can’t the police do anything about this again?”


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