Washington, DC

Alleged incident at Petworth Market just north of metro stop

“Dear PoPville,

Last night, I went into the store around 10:40pm to get some matches. While standing in line, a man behind me slapped me really hard on the ass, and slinked away with a satisfied, perverted grin. I only saw his side profile. He was young, in his mid 20’s, with a curly high top, and light brown skin.

The man behind the glass was laughing so hard. He apologized, saying, “I’m so sorry to laugh, but in my country, nothing like this ever happens, since I’ve been here, I’ve seen so much crazy shit!” He offered to show the video to the police, but I was so damn mad and humiliated that I just wanted to go home.

My friend told me that a lot of these incidences have been happening to women, so I just wanted to let someone know in case this pervert is serially assaulting random women.

If this man would have slapped me in my face with the same vigor, it would be assault no question. But because he slapped me on my ass, it was funny. I was so shocked that it happened, even I had to laugh a bit. What kind of fetish is this? I mean, it wasn’t like child’s play. He slapped me so hard, my ass was stinging all the way home. And that look on his face… I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so upset.”


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