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I’m Going on Vacation – Slightly Limited Schedule Next Week But Good Stuff Coming Too

by Prince Of Petworth August 22, 2014 at 4:16 pm 27 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

Well – I’m taking my first real vacation in three years! And I can’t freaking wait. I’ve almost gone ballistic on some commenting trolls recently but then I realized what a troll was, so anyway this is good timing for me to recharge the batteries a bit. But some quick house keeping – I’ll be gone most of next week and there will be a slightly limited schedule of posts (only the hardcore followers will notice, I promise there will still be lots of good stuff) and we will return to normal after Labor Day. Please continue to send emails/tips/questions ([email protected]) and I’ll post/get back to you on my return. If there is breaking news that you want to talk about/discuss/debate please post in the rant/revel of that day (unfortunately don’t post links because you will get held up in moderation.)

Commenting – because of the above mentioned commenting trolls some folks won’t be able to comment as normal next week. A lot of people are on shared networks and unfortunately even though they have done nothing wrong their comments still fall under moderation. All I can say is I’m sorry for the situation. But just to explain how pathological some of these douchebags trolls can be – I have one commenter who regularly leaves vile vile vile racists comments that sometimes slip through (of course I delete them as soon as I see them and/or textdoc tells me about them!) and then s/he emails my advertisers saying that I encourage racist comments. That my friends is the tip of the iceberg. It is very likely that some objectionable comment will sneak in next week too. It is inevitable. So please just ignore them. They want a reaction. Do not give them one if possible. Or if need be just tell them to F-off once and then ignore them :) In all seriousness these people are incredibly disturbed and it’s not effective to have a rational debate with them. Their sole goal is just to get a reaction out of you. In my absence I believe ignoring them is the only way to deal with them.

But I don’t mean to bore you with my travails. I just want to say that commenting next week may be a little whack. Fortunately the last week of August is usually a chill one – so I hope everyone is able to recharge a bit. Come September we’ll be ready tear it up once again. Cheers and thanks for understanding – PoP/Dan

Comments (27)

  1. Please enjoy your VERY WELL deserved vacation!! And thank you for keeping up such a great website!

  2. Have fun on Vacay! And I hope to see pics for where your PopVille T-Shirt has been.

  3. Safe travels and enjoy your time off!

  4. Can’t wait for your Popville t-shirt and onesy post from your vacation. Have a great time!!!

  5. Have fun, Dan! I hope you’re off to somewhere awesome and that has not yet had a “PoP shirts travel the globe” photo yet.

  6. Enjoy, Dan!

  7. Have a great time! Explore, enjoy, discover, eat, drink and make some whoopee!

  8. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation! Thanks for entertaining us for three years solid with nary a break.

  9. have a GREAT time!!!

  10. Have a wonderful time! I’m headed out too, POPville T is packed and ready to go. Sorry to hear about the frustrations, but the rest of us thank you for what you do.

  11. Thanks for all the hard work you put in, Dan! Enjoy your well earned vacation. :D

  12. Have fun!!!!

  13. Enjoy your time off!

  14. Enjoy your vacation!!!

  15. Enjoy your vacation Dan – I look forward to you photos of the cool vestibules, doors, cars etc you come across during your travels.
    Thanks for all you do to promote the Beautiful Life!

  16. Ditto on MPinDC’s comment!

    Have a wonderful vacation and thank you for all your work. Don’t forget to take your PoPville t-shirt with you!!

  17. Enjoy your vacation! And thanks for all that you do to manage, sustain, educate, and entertain us here in PoPville! Being the sole troll patrol sounds wearisome at best. I appreciate your efforts to save us from the worst of it! Hope you have a LOT of fun recharging!

  18. Wow, I’m sorry you have to deal with that daily. Unplug and enjoy your time away. The blog will be here when you get back and we’ll do our best to self-moderate in the meanwhile. Cheers, Dan.

  19. Maybe I’ll actually get work done next week! Safe travels. Thank you!

  20. Have a great vacation, Dan. You deserve it!

  21. We just got back from our summer vacation and I hope yours is just as good as ours.
    Have fun!


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