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Shooting at 14th and Irving St, NW just after 5am

by Prince Of Petworth July 5, 2014 at 8:53 am 10 Comments

From @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting_0509 hrs_1400 Block of Irving St NW _LOF: B/M,5’1″,Med Bld,Drk Cplx,Wht Shrt red/blue stripe”

Update from MPD:

“On today’s date, at approximately 5:00 AM, in the 1400 block of Irving Street, Northwest, two groups of males were involved a physical altercation. During the altercation, one of the males pulled out a handgun and started firing into the other group. Two of the males were struck by gunfire. One was struck in the foot, and the other was struck in the leg. Both victims were transported to local hospitals where they are being treated. The suspects were all black males, one carrying a baseball bat. The suspects made good their escape. Anyone with information in reference to this incident is urged to contact the Third District Detective’s office at 202-673-6918.”

  • jamesbeaz

    Wow! And meanwhile the corporate apartment managers want you to pay over $2,000/month (more with fees) to live in a studio over the Five Guys…

    Hope that no life was lost…

    • PRO1982

      I don’t really see the correlation between street violence and nice apartments. I am willing to bet it wasn’t the people spending $2000 on their apartment involved in this street violence. We live in DC, sometimes disagreements and robberies end in unnecessary gun shots. If you think this isn’t happening all over this city, you aren’t paying attention.

  • Bill

    That corner is a hot mess!

    • jamesbeaz

      As much as I like Columbia Heights, I agree — the corner there is absolutely a mess, literally. Garbage, filthy sidewalks. If we had a competent city that would actually pay people without jobs to clean up the sidewalks, it would send a message that the space outside the Metro is a civilized place worthy of civilized behavior. Instead, we just get fighting.

      • Anonymous

        This city is remarkably clean compared to most major cities. If you think otherwise, you are crazy. That is a highly trafficked corner, and sadly, some people have no respect for the environment and litter. It is impossible to keep up with that all over the city.

      • Anonymous

        I waited for the bus outside of the Potbelly’s on Saturday morning, and there was a large group of men sitting under the tree smoking pot and drinking beer. They didn’t even bother to wrap the beer in a paper bag or the black plastic bags from liquor stores. I can sort of understand it when the police don’t bust people for drinking on their stoop/front porch, but not enforcing rules in this mini-plaza is ridiculous. Police officers would finally set a tone of enforcement, and would probably meet their ticket quotas in 15 minutes.

        • Anon

          Fools sit out there and smoke pot all the time. I see it in the middle of the day, on the opposite corner behind the metro as well. Worst part is there are ALWAYS cop around that intersection and in front of DCUSA, and they do nothing but stand around and chat with each other.

  • anonymous

    I’m sure the disagreement was over something very important, like “You looked at me and/or my friends in a way I did not appreciate” or “I live on a grimy and utterly inconsequential street that I treat like sh*t and have no respect for, and you live on a very similar but different street, and therefore I must act like we are mortal enemies and respond violently to you being in my vicinity.” Idiots.

    • Anonymous

      At least crime is down. … All hands on deck my a$$.

  • caballero

    5’1″. How old are these kids?


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