Washington, DC

Far right is Mike McGarvey (CEO & Head Brewer), Katsuya Fukushima in the middle, and Chef Michael Turner with the brew paddle, courtesy 3 Stars

From a press release:

“3 STARS works with katsuya fukushima to create house beer For Daikaya [705 6th Street, NW]
Local craftsmen combine talents to brew unique craftbeer, the Sansho Panza!

What happens when you take one of the brightest stars in the DC culinary scene and pair him up with DC’s cutting edge craft brewery? You end up with the very unique opportunity to discover a new interpretation of some classic Japanese ingredients reimagined as a delightful seasonal saison. Executive Chef Katsuya Fukushima is the man behind the amazing Daikaya, with partners Yama Jewayni and Daisuke Utagawa, and when he decided to pursue a brew to match his unique creations, he simply looked for the local standout crafting their own innovations and cutting edge beers. Brewed to be the perfect sidekick to the seasonal offerings at Daikaya, The Sansho Panza, is brewed with fresh yuzu and sansho pepper, both of which lend a nice bright citrus character to the light earthy saison.

The Sansho Panza will be priced at $9 per beer debuting at Daikaya on July 10th, in the Izakaya at 705 6th St. NW in Chinatown, and will be celebrated alongside other craft offerings from the brewery, as well as some special menu items to enhance the release. This will be an ongoing collaboration between Daikaya and 3 Stars where they will continue to use seasonally appropriate ingredients to create new house selections for both the Ramen Shop and the upstairs Izakaya.”

Photo tweeted by @mayorvincegray on DC Brau’s three year anniversary

Congrats to the boys from DC Brau bringing home two gold medals from the US Open Beer Championship:

“American Pale Ale
GOLD – The Public – DC Brau Brewing – Washington DC
SILVER – Cardinal Pale Ale – Nebraska Brewing – Nebraska
BRONZE – 8-Bit Pale Ale – Tallgrass Brewing – Kansas

Belgian Pale Ale
GOLD – The Citizen – DC Brau Brewing – Washington DC
SILVER – Criterion – Valiant Brewing – California
BRONZE – White Hatter – New Holland Brewing – Michigan”


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